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  1. Feel Your 1.4 Tdci Is Slow? Solution

    Look into the EGR blocking kits so you don't get muck chucked into your intake - also with regards to the injector cleaners, run the cleaner through neat by unplugging from the fuel filter, I use diesel purge on mine.
  2. Might just need the injectors to be cleaned out a bit - when did you change the fuel filter etc?
  3. Long time since I have updated this tread, the car is currently on 137k miles, have fitted new springs and dampers all round, car is still good although I think 1 of the injectors have started to fail so I have a replacement and will look to fit that this weekend - will check the fuel feed connections first though as its only at higher RPMs under load so might be a fuel flow issue.
  4. Feel Your 1.4 Tdci Is Slow? Solution

    The intake for the airbox goes under the fuel filter - basically the air box opening is now drawing air from under the fuel filter/back of the engine rather than next to the exhaust.
  5. Tdci Throttle Body - Confused

    Mine still has oil and muck leaking from it a bit - mines disconnected still.
  6. Fiesta MK7 1.4 TDCI. Problems starting in the cold

    Can you hear any 'chuffing' when the car is idling? If so its the copper injector seals that have gone meaning that it can take a bit longer to start the car - mine were replaced when I bought the car, just changed 1 yesterday that failed after around 40k miles. I usually go to the 2nd ignition point and wait for the lights on the dash to go out - also has the fuel filter been changed recently and can you see any air bubbles in the fuel line under the air filter?
  7. Flat spot on a diesel engine

    Possibly a blocked/sticking EGR valve.
  8. 83 MPG

    You need to refill and make a note of the number of litres, the MPG is usually out around 10% for mine, it usually shows mid 70s on mine which equates to high 60s in real terms on my 1.4 TDCi.
  9. Air in fuel system - cost estimate

    Guessing a 1.4 TDCi? The cost should be very minimal if not free, air in the lines probably just means the quick connectors on the fuel filter aren't 100% seated - if you take the airbox off you will see the air in the line, usually one of the lines will have tiny bubbles in it. I would however suggest simply disconnecting and connecting the quick connectors on the fuel filter - is the filter an OEM one or an aftermarket one? Sometimes aftermarket filters don't always seat 100%. You might need to use an 8mm socket to remove the metal shield on the top of the filter to get to the front connector. Have a go and report back, should be a very easy fix, if this doesn't cure the issue it might simply be one of the lines has a pinhole leak due to the age of the lines plus it sitting on top of a hot engine - they are also cheap to replace but suggest trying to reseat initially.
  10. It's just 2 quick release connectors on the fuel filter and then you just run the engine at different RPMs for a while for the injectors and pump to be cleaned out - you can also add the stuff to the tank instead though. Just run with standard diesel that isn't from the supermarket and it will be fine.
  11. 3D Gel Number plate

    Why not just go with pressed metal plates?
  12. Anyone have a second car?

    I found this issue as well due to the NCB only being allowed on 1 car, however the Admiral multicar seems to apply the NCB to both cars under 1 policy which is handy, I never really got the issue with the NCB sharing - surely you can't drive both cars at the same time!
  13. Anyone have a second car?

    I have Admiral multi car for 2 cars (or more), it's not too bad, also depends on what the other car is, I found for me it was cheaper to go with Admiral for my everyday car and then Adrian Flux or a competition/classic car insurers for the other car.
  14. Probably cheaper to just have a small LED torch on your keys!
  15. Decat pipe

    Decats are usually only useful if you are wanting extra power right at the top of the rev range on an NA, decats work better on a turbo car but best to fit a high flow cat if you have removed all of the other restrictions in the exhaust already.