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  1. How fast is the ST really?

    I've had a Fiesta Red Edition and now an ST. The ST is definitely quite a bit quicker but more than anything it feels a lot faster, partly due to the increased sound (the symposer helps!) and the wrap around seats. It also feels more urgent, it constantly wants to be pushed further, whereas the 1.0 ecoboost is quite happy to just stroll along. The steering is also slightly heavier, and it feels more purposeful on the road. I was completely content with my Red Edition, but now I have the ST I don't think I could go back - the ST has got more character in my opinion.
  2. ST springs on a ZS

    I'm sure someone else will be able to answer you more precisely, however I would imagine the ST springs are designed to balance the weight of the 1.6 engine, hence will not work with the 1.0 ecoboost (much lighter) engine.
  3. 1.0 ecoboost owners - do you obey The Arrow?

    Simple remap is all as far as I'm aware. The 140ps 1.0 engines have different CAMs and gear ratios I believe to give it the extra oomph on top of the 125ps versions.
  4. Worth upgrading to a Black Edition?

    Really recommend the upgrade. Had two Red Editions and both great, driving at slightly less than 70mph gives around 55mpg but these small engines mean you're punished for much higher speeds as they have to work harder. Full or charisma though, and powerful when you want them to be.
  5. Exactly my issue too. I was a bit forceful and got it out eventually by bending the clip - probably wouldn't recommend! The new light assemblies as shown by karl46 above are amazingly bright though, much better than the little LED I had originally replaced the bulb with. Looks great but also means you blind yourself every time you open the boot in the dark
  6. Sat nav

  7. Yeah I'm with you - didn't seem nearly as easy as online tutorials suggested ha. There's clearly a trick to the angle and movement as I had a good jiggle trying to get the clip free, I think I've landed myself in this situation by pushing the screwdriver "through" the clip and in so doing pinging it into the inside of the boot lid. Going to try the LED all-in-one units as a straight replacement instead.
  8. Think I'm going to go for the complete LED lights as you said, cheers karl46. If anyone has any suggestions for accessing that damn lost clip that's rattling around please let me know !
  9. Hi All, I was tinkering with the rear number plate lights (fitting LEDs in place of the standard bulbs) and one of the clips that holds the assembly sprung into the boot lid! I've tried using a magnetic wand type thing but no luck - I think it's in the middle section which is partially blocked off (at least that's what it feels like when I rummage around with my fingers). I could buy a new assembly for £16, but then I'll always have a rattle in the boot from the lost clip so ideally I'd like it out! Any suggestions? Has anyone removed this part of the boot (where the number plate lights are)? Thanks!
  10. Scuffed edge black alloy

    This is pretty inevitable unfortunately. Rather than refurbishing, you could always buy some black touch up paint from eBay like here in addition to some light sanding. Does a good job at hiding the scuff.
  11. Looking for peoples views on zetec s black/red ed

    Great cars, good compromise between comfort and performance. I had two red editions - no issues whatsoever. Having recently stepped into an ST I do miss the MPG and comfort, I regularly got 50+mpg commuting to and from work on the motorway and surrounding main roads. Apparently the MPG takes a dive if commuting around town.
  12. Best time to buy a new car?

    Ah I see! Thanks for the replies all. I think taking it out on finance seems to make sense, and I wouldn't be likely to keep it for longer than 9-12 months before switching it (it often works out when on Options, as long as your current car isn't in huge negative equity). Considering everything that's been said, is it worth waiting until end of Q1 (March), or simply before the new plate change (February)? Best deal I have found so far is a ST3 for £16,500 (including the £1600 deposit allowance when taken on finance). This is without the privilege discount. Does it get much better than this? Worth waiting to see future marketing promotions? Thanks!
  13. Current on an Options plan and want to get a new car (Fiesta ST) - however I can't decide when is the best time to buy. Is there typically more marketing/ discounts in February in terms of clearing old 66 plate stock? And if not planning to keep car, does a 66 plate rather than a 17 plate matter? Also a recent Ford Privilege member - hence not sure if these offers also vary from month to month? Thanks!
  14. 2017 Ford Fiesta

    Some good pictures from the Top Gear website - see here Link
  15. Fiesta ST Security - Remove OBD Fuse

    Cheers for the fast replies chaps. Might get a Disklok after all. Perhaps few of these stickers for good measure too!