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  1. Spark Plugs Question.

  2. Spark Plugs Question.

    hi, ok picked up some spark plugs from local store' eurocar parts- bosh hr8mcv+ from the info on their website they should fit.. i have taken the original spark plug out to find that they are -hr8 mev.. do you think they will be ok?? i have looked for a comparison site online but not having much luck
  3. Service,,,,what To Do???

    Just back from having a service at my local ford dealer, went for the minor service as car had only done 2.5k since last service, and doing the pollen filter and plugs myself. got it for £115 with a free 'massive' sports/weekend bag and the free AA cover for a year (the AA cover would be £158 for the year alone) for an 8yr old car only picked up on the tracking being slightly out.. :)
  4. New Owner In The Making

    My son in law just got a zetec with 16 alloys and metallic paint for £150 pm with £500 deposit ...
  5. New Owner In The Making

    take a look at new, some good deals around , inc £500 off all deals if you test drive in August http://www.bristolstreet.co.uk/new-car-deals/ford/fiesta/
  6. New Fiesta

    The newest isn't always the best.. :D :D
  7. Service,,,,what To Do???

    Thanks.. so why when you ring ford for a price they quote you a stupid price of £300.....
  8. Service,,,,what To Do???

    Ok, my son's fiesta which is a 1.25 style 2007 is due for its service. But its only done 30k miles and 2.5k from when we bought it last December. the car has ffsh. Ford want near £300 for the 'major service', even thought most of the service is check,check ,check, even the spark plugs are not replaced... i can get all the parts and service it my self for £70.. or an independent garage can do it for £195 question is, will a service stamp help sell the car in the future ? or is it worth servicing as its only done 2.5k since last service? as i said before the service book is full of ford stamps( x7)
  9. New Fiesta

    my son in law picked up his new zetec yesterday, not shown him this as its his first new car. there's always a reason they start doing large discounts on cars, normally a face lift or revamp on the horizon.
  10. New Fiesta

    found this a few days ago, http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2017-ford-fiesta-first-spy-pictures
  11. Depreciation

    i had a focus 2006 ex demo with sat nav touch screen , full leather all the toys heated seat etc etc, when i came to swap, it all added up to nothing, to buy the extras it would of been over £3000.... :/
  12. New Zetec

    Tempted to get my wife in one, may be a visit to the dealer is on the horizon, especially as they are offering another £500 off if you test drive in august . :) just the mpg is not the best, 90% of her driving is around the city to and from work doing 12 mile round trip in rush hour. :(
  13. Depreciation

    Thats why i prefer a pcp, just a monthly payment ,with a little deposit, no money locked up in a car sat on the drive ..
  14. New Zetec

    my future son-in-law has just ordered a 1.25 zetec, first car only passed his test a few weeks ago, hope fully he'll be happy with his purchase. think he got a good deal, metallic paint and upgraded alloys, £500 deposit £150 pm on a pcp. :D
  15. Gap Insurance

    my wife and daughters cars have GAP insurance from here- www.ala.co.uk