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  1. Hey guys. Should be having the Focus delivered tomorrow/Tuesday. Wandering about the gains people have had from remaps Please post before and after results
  2. Hi mate, just trying to find what's the best place to ask about engine swaps... I've got a 07 fiesta 1.6 tdci zs and I wanna fit the focus 110 tdci. Mine has had it and exact matches are expensive!!

    any help would be great, cheers

  3. They aint really worth bugger all at the minute. Especially ones that need work
  4. 2 different pumps. You should have swapped the full loom including the PATS system to get it to work right. It may work on the 3 pin loom, but I would highly doubt it
  5. They are available but some parts are harder to find than others
  6. Well it's a 5 door so it's def not an RS. It looks !Removed! horrible No specs on the engine build so I'd say £2500 max
  7. Hi and welcome
  8. Hi

    Hi and welcome
  9. Hi and welcome
  10. With a cardboard bodykit?
  11. Deal. You best start buying lotto tickets lol
  12. Kirsty, I've told you before. Come see me. Sure we can do a deal my friend. Steve xx
  13. As above, I too would like to know if it can be done
  14. Upgrade the handling and that will equate to being a faster car. As already said, to go for 140+bhp will be expensive. You are basically talking about chucking a ST170 engine in which will need all the suspension and brakes, fuel pump etc. Best bet is to buy a ST170 as a donor vehicle. Saying that you may as well just buy a ST170. Rough guess I bet it will cost you £2500 plus to do the conversion correctly. Can get a good ST170 for £1200
  15. Yea an early Mk6. Getting rarer now. Especially the 4x4 versions.