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  1. For sale my beauty!

    Delete if not allowed just want to hand the car to ford lover same as me ! For sale FIESTA ST in best colour frozen white, car done 80k miles, it has full service history car is very well looked after it has couple mods not too much so it stays clean, •New clutch and new gearbox also new genuine drive shafts and gearbox was resealed •Mountune Cais sounds amazing and keeps engine cool •Led lights - interior side lights headlight bulbs are Osram, number plate led unit plug and play replaces original, reverse light also led same as footwell lights •Recently serviced with Castrol Magnatec A5 and Bosch oil filter, had tracking recently and good tyres all around •TRC splitter 2 months old also fake bonnet lip decal •Headlights detangoed •Armrest very comfy and good storage •Genuine rubber mats front and back •Lowered on Eibach springs 30/35mm very comfortable •Mountune badge •All plastic resprayed gloss black,also vent rings are gloss black inside •Team heko deflectors •Sony uprated radio £2,800
  2. New antifreez?

    I really need to change my antifreezer as its not pink anymore and its very thick now, which one is good for mine st150 and how many litres I need? Pfa 👌👌👌
  3. Where is this from?!

  4. Where is this from?!

    Thanks just ordered this hopefully no more leaks
  5. Where is this from?!

  6. Where is this from?!

    I try and fill up the hole tomorrow
  7. Where is this from?!

    What was your fix filling up the hole with silicone ? Only left side does it
  8. Where is this from?!

    Thanks its FOR SALE 🤛
  9. Where is this from?!

    I will try and use silicone then, fill the hole how does the water get there I dont get it guys lool 😂😂😂
  10. Where is this from?!

    U meam put grease on nut ? What will it do ? And then if I want I can put silicone in the hole ? How come it comes from windscreen i dont get how it can go there
  11. Where is this from?!

    Hi recently noticed after heavy rain that has been here this morning I have water inside the shock from top how the f*** did that get there ???
  12. Anti freeze coolant change

    Which one is good just any pink antifreez ?
  13. Anti freeze coolant change

    When to change my coolant ?? Not sure if I need to its still pink but smells badly
  14. Best gearbox stuff to seal leaks ?

    Its all good done 600 miles yestrday and not single leak lol only keeping the car until december gettinf st180 so shld be ok until then
  15. Best gearbox stuff to seal leaks ?

    Its all done all resealed drive shaft changed, do you no how tigth the torx need to be on the fifth gear back end plate ??? Picture on top