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  1. Third year service & first MOT next month

    I'd only consider that offer if the courtesy car was a Range Rover Overfinch.... No wonder they can offer free courtesy cars! Do your homework folks, good local indy if you've bought and are keeping the car for years, you'll save hundreds if not thousands over the lifetime of the car, supply your own ford/decent oil/filters/parts/fluids etc.
  2. Which tyres?

    Currently running my second set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 on 205/40r17. Not the cheapest at £80 per corner inc fitting/valve/old tyre disposal/vat. But not far off the very premium brands in terms of fuel economy and handling/grip etc. (which were a bit out of my budget at around £110 per corner) The hankooks wear well (I usually swap them front to back to ensure all four will be replaced at the same time). They seem a bit quieter than the original conti's (conti's are apparently meant to be a much more fuel efficient tyre but I've never noticed a difference in mpg, however slight) and I don't drive particularly quick but have no issues with grip in the wet etc. A good all rounder.
  3. First engine breakdown in decades

    It really depends on the type of contamination present and when that will manifest itself as you work through the tank. The petrol station will not admit but they should share any concerns brought forward to them.
  4. First engine breakdown in decades

    Where did you last fuel up? Maybe give them a quick call see if anyone else has reported any issues.
  5. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Will be interesting to see how this thread develops when the dealers start replying to customers.
  6. ST Seat Trim Question

    Sounds like a lot of hassle overall. You'd really need to find a local company who deal with this sort of thing and speak to them about the procedure (try googling car seat embroidery Yorkshire).
  7. Price increase already!

    Hi, i have a 1.6tdci mk7.5 2013 had it from 6 months old and plan to keep it for another 4 or 5 years. Any issues or maintenance advice for after year 4? Aside timing belt and continued regular full services? its on approx. 50k just now and its needed nothing expect serviceable parts. been over serviced and looked after hence the reason I want to keep it. it runs better that the day it was new probably and still looks as good, just wary of any major stuff that can go on them once I reach year 6,7,8 etc and probably over 100k in year 7 or 8.
  8. The idiot that did this

    Is that a write off? Assuming it will take a huge of amount of labour and expense to correct perfectly due the area affected.
  9. Hi, what mileage are you on? Is the car well loaded for most of travelling? And any idea on the waterpump failure?
  10. If they have went for a cheap aftermarket kit (maybe not a problem given your cars age) it will be around £130. Its about £180+vat from ford for the 1.6tdci belt and pump genuine kit. So £360 doesn't seem wholly unreasonable overall.
  11. MOT emissions failure, need help!!

    In other news the sky was blue today...... Sad thing is they will continue to grow the garage operation throughout the UK eventually turning it into a business turning over billions of pounds due to the sheer number of clueless motorists in the uk. Mainly, young people, or women etc who think they're better off going to the big "brands" Halfords, kwik fit etc for car maintenance.
  12. MPG Question/Help

    Is the fuel tank metal? Possible corrosion at that edge, get it up on a ramp or lift and have a look. Edit...just seen you've had it mot'd so that shouldn't be the fault.
  13. Service Now Or Later?

    The motor industry service-wise is very much about trust and in my experience the small independents can be trusted a lot more than the biggest dealers! Its about building up trust with them over a number of years giving them regular custom and trusting that the job will be done right, first time every time!
  14. Wiper blades

    Bosch all day long for me, brilliant wiper blades.
  15. Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

    Not sure if it has the dpf at that age. Search back the forum there are numerous threads. General consensus is make sure it has an immaculate service history. Always taking a chance on a used vehicle of course. As long as you look after if with plenty of good servicing then you'll get a few more years out of the car no problem without too much incident. Depending on the mileage check if its had the timing belt and water pump changed, think ford recommend around 80-100k but would be better done at 60-70k miles to be safe. Like anything really you've just got to look after it and keep it well serviced changing all filters, fluids and oils regular.