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  1. Service not up to scratch.

    Had my Fiesta serviced yesterday 03/06/17 first service on car as it is 1 year old 6549 miles. Put car in garage last night this morning after taking it out I had a pool of oil where the car had been. Rang my Ford dealer and was told to bring the car back Monday as no service engineers will be in until then. last year when I had a service on my old Fiesta when I got home the coolant top had not been tightened, the service log had not been completed,my dash cam had been disconnected and plugged back into the external ariel socket. any one else have problems with servicing? Do I just bite my tongue or do I express my dissatisfaction?
  2. Ford Protect

    I have 3 year protection for paintwork, alloy wheels,tyres, is that what you mean?
  3. MK7 secret compartment

    Yes, I also have the compartment near the bonnet release adapted with a magnet, when I speak of magnets they are only a quarter of an inch in diameter and very strong.
  4. MK7 secret compartment

    I broke one of the plastic lugs on mine trying to open it, I now have a secret compartment with the lid held on by small strong magnets. It does work and have no problems. Just stick them on with araldite.
  5. New 17" Alloys

    Many thanks for being so informative,much appreciated.
  6. New 17" Alloys

    Hi, what is the advantage of 17 Inch wheels? Thank you
  7. Best time to buy a new car?

    Went for a 16 reg instead of 66 reg just before the 66 came out, shopped around on the net for a new Fiesta and got a quote with a saving of £4.500.00 printed it off and went to my local Ford garage and they price matched the quote and ordered a new Fiesta TitaniumX with extras. Just thought that I would pass on my experience.
  8. New Horn

    I am about to fit twin horns,I know that I have to remove one of the headlamps to do this. Is the original horn near side or offside to save me perhaps taking out both headlamp units? Many Thanks Fiests X 2016
  9. Dash Cam

    I have had Road Hawk camera for a few years, probably a bit more expensive than some other dash cams but very reliable, I even got one for my granddaughters Fiesta. Very simple to install with no visable wiring to the fuse box behind the glove compartment. Play back is very good with an adaptor for IPad or just insert card into PC.
  10. Alloy wheel upgrade questions

    Interesting comment about informing the insurance company, I purchased my new car in Sept and was supplied with 17inch as requested do I have to inform my insurance. There is slightly more noise with the 17 inch but improved and positive handling.
  11. Mould around the petrol cap

    Have you tried WD 40?
  12. Fiesta X

    Many thanks for that info 👍👍👍👍
  13. Fiesta X

    Sometimes I forget to close the rear electric windows after switching off the engine, is there a way to close them without starting the engine again ? Many Thanks.
  14. Engine fan over-running

    I am not an expert but my last 3 fiestas have done this. My latest Fiesta has 2000 miles on the clock if I was worried I would have taken it back to the dealership.
  15. Reverse Gear

    I have had numerous Fiestas and always had the same problem. My latest Fiesta X I purchased new in Aug 2016 I now have1800 miles on the clock still has the problem, I have to make sure that I place it in gear with a slight force as I have arthritis and tend to be rather gentle in engaging reverse gear to avoid the pain.