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  1. Mondeo TDCi

    Thanks for the link Mintalkin. I'll have a good look around
  2. Mondeo TDCi

    Hi all, As the title says, I'm looking to buy a Mondeo TDCi and I'm just looking for general advice. I currently own a BMW 528iASE and I am sick of putting petrol in it! Other than that it is a fantastic car with good handling, power delivery and a sublime engine sound, but alas it has to go. I am after fuel economy these days, being 41 now I have to start growing up a bit! I sold a 4.0 litre BMW 7 series (how does 13mpg sound round town!?!) to buy the 5 series as they do a "little" more to the gallon. I have always been a beemer bloke, but of late I have been looking at the Mondeo's and they look very impressive indeed. I have found the dealer where I want to buy the car, although he doesn't yet have what I want. I will be looking to buy a Ghia model, maybe 2004 model (facelift?) with the 2.0 litre TDCi engine. If anyone can offer any advice on the Mondeo I will be very grateful. I know all about performance petrol engines (and how much they cost to run!) But I know very little about diesel engines. Any advice will be appreciated! Cheers Paul
  3. Yet another newbie!

    Hi there all, new to the forum. I was trawling around looking for Ford forums as I am looking to buy a Mondeo. I will post in the Mondeo forums shortly. Good site by the way, informative and clearly set out. Regards Paul