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  1. Fiesta Diesel Heater plug circuit

    Thanks for the reply, the gearbox chucked the towel in before I could get this sorted so I weighed it in. Again thanks for the reply. David
  2. Hi Guys I run a Fiesta diesel 1994 MK3 as my daily hack. I have a problem with the heater plug circuit, the heater plugs themselves are fine, I know this because I link them direct to the battery every morning via a jump lead and it fires up straight away. My first thoughts were that the problem was with the heater plug relay, I have tried two different relays, one from a scrap yard and a new sky parts unit but still nothing so I do not believe it was the relay in the first place. My questions are: a) is there a fuse that could have blown somewhere (I cant find one in the fuse box)? B) Does anyone else have any experience of this problem? c) Does anyone have a wiring diagram Any feedback is gratefully received Thanks David