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  1. That's a bit disappointing to hear to be honest 😒! Was hoping the Ecoboost would do better on the Motorway than that. Do 70 mile journeys on the Motorway twice a week myself.
  2. Good to know, thanks for the info. Saving up for a 15 Focus with this engine at the moment.
  3. Just out of interest did Ford change the dodgy hose in the Ecoboost engines built from 2014 and onwards or was it 2015? I would recommend petrol also. Modern turbo Petrol cars handle and drive better than diesel cars in my opinion and are very close to diesel real life mpg on short commutes as already mentioned!
  4. Replacing Mk2.5 1.6 TDCI Titanium

    I would get the I L Ecoboost or another petrol car that's turbocharged or keep the car you have. I am definitely getting rid of my diesel car in the next few months, I am currently starting to have problems with my cars DPF. Both the engine management light and engine malfunction message came up on my car dash over the Christmas.
  5. I got the bracket for the rear dome light and other pieces online. Just look at Ford Focus with the rear dome light fitted if you can and use the same measurements from the front dome light in your car. I never finished off the job but might get to finish it during the Christmas break.
  6. If fitting the rear dome light don't cut the whole to big like I did ha, the wiring is the easy part cutting the whole can be tricky. If you decide to do this measure a few times.
  7. Arm rest MK7 facelift

    Yeah the problem with the armrest in the Fiesta is that doesn't slide forward like in the Focus, I noticed that in the Fathers Titanium Fiesta anyway.
  8. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Yep still on original cdpf. I do a fair bit of driving alright. No bother on the car though, it still runs well. I have to get the car serviced soon, nearly 7000 miles since last service.
  9. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Tom don't know what your doing wrong with your tdci currently getting over 67 mpg on the trip and around 60 real life mpg with mine ha! Currently freezing out aswell! Mpg has dropped a bit since the summer and expect to fall a little bit further during the cold months.
  10. Aftermarket radio head unita

    The oval shape Ford radios will fit. They have different radios for different cars, aswell as generic ones which I don't know much about.
  11. Aftermarket radio head unita

    Bought mine from www.eonon.co.uk (they have a UK warehouse). Yeah they are fairly easy to fit, just plug in and play. This is the video I used for a guide when I installed mine.
  12. Aftermarket radio head unita

    I have an Android Eonon unit that is very slow on start up. I believe the newer units with 2gb of RAM are supposed to be a big improvement. I wish i waited when I got mine ha.
  13. Focus mk2 climate control panel change

    Yeah I agree as standard the the mk2/2.5 dash is a bit cheap looking. A new radio and heater control knobs improved the dash of my Focus big time.
  14. How is that possible? Surely a 4 cylinder produces more torque? A 6 cylinder engine produces more torque over a 4 cylinder and a 8 cylinder engine produces more power and torque over a 6 and so on. In America the v6 Mustang is made fun of as just a rental car as the 8 cylinder produces more power and torque. Surely the advantages of 3 pot engines is fuel economy and engine noise over a 4 cylinder. The reason the the ecoboost produces so much low end torque for its displacement is because its a 12v engine compared to most modern 4 cylinder engines been 16 v. Same as a 8 v diesel engine produces better low end torque over a 16v ( both engines developed in the same generation).
  15. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    The trip computer thinks I'm getting 71 mpg at the moment, in real life I say its around just over 60 mpg. The last time I worked it out in April it was getting 57 mpg. The 1.6 tdci needs servicing every 6000-7000 miles.