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  1. Help, I have taken my old exhaust off, I had to cut it in two places to make the job easier . The problem is I cannot get the new back box and pipe on as it just will not go in place due to a bar across the suspension. Is there some strange technique of replacing the exhaust I have not thought of?? No matter how I twist and position the exhaust the axle gets in the way. At first i thought it was the wrong exhaust but it matches the old one in every way. Can the exhaust be cut and welded together or is this lunacy / heresy? Any help appreciated. Peter
  2. I have a M reg ford fiesta with rebuilt engine,(5,000 miles) clutch, starter motor and alternator, great tyres, mot'd until August. I would love it to go to a good home. It is currently SORN at Monmouth, Wales.It drives well.Body good.Lights work, taken off road as bought another ford. I am faced with breaking it up but think it might make a nice project. Let me know.I am unable to list it under sales on the forum because I do not have enough posts so apologise for the unorthodox approach. Peter
  3. Sorted..someone? undid the bolts holding the long bar that traverses the engine to the hydraulics. Result was as you pressed the pedal the bar moved forward and the hydraulics were not compressed. Ten minutes of frantic nut tightening and we were fixed. A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth!!!
  4. Recently we changed the clutch ratchet and having got that working test drove the car the clutch was perfect BUT the brake pedal was soft and useless. To the best of my knowledge we took a clip of something protruding out of the brake pedal as said in the Haynes manual and replaced it. Logic tells me that I have not reassembled it properly but cannot see what is wrong. It certainly is not the hydraulics / servo. Any ideas?? Cannot find a blow apart diagram for the brake pedal assembly anywhere. Thanks Peter