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  1. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Where was the argument? lol
  2. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    He's not reset the oddometer at refilling the tank, we're only looking at MPG gauge here - over the distance of ~426 miles
  3. Car wont crank?

    My mechanic opened up my IC and fixed the dry joints on the boards, fixed it first time. Anyone handy with a soldering iron should be able to do this.
  4. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    I left mine too, as long as it's dry you're good :)
  5. Sorry but it's not, the AC needs to have the fresh air that has less humidity coming in to reduce condensation inside the car.
  6. That means it's no letting the moisture out of the car, you want the air to vent outside so the air becomes dryer? Recirculate has never worked on any car I've had!
  7. I have this issue too. AC on, Heat and Blower to Max, and DON'T recirculate fixes it.
  8. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    As above, just suck the water out and get it dry, then get hold of some silicone grease, and apply it between the underside of the washer jets and your bonnet
  9. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    You've mentioned the Spark plug wells which is good, check when the Cam Belt was last done too. Things that have happened to mine during the last 18 months of ownership include: Leaking Power Steering Fluid Reservoirour/ Pipe Connection Cam Sensors Instrument Cluster Dry Joints causing Immobiliser and Safe Mode issues. Dodgy Key buttons Coil Pack Connector perished Nothing really expensive, just hassle. I'd keep an eye on the VCT during a test drive, when accelerating hard the switch between cams should be smooth with no acceleration lumps. The MPG is pretty poor around town, mins regularly around 28mpg after a tank of fuel, which given the roads and routes I am taking makes sense.
  10. You won't notice a thing! I didn't on mine, on a car this old, it doesn't feel eny different. I tried a couple of months each on Shell, BP and Tesco's premium fuels without any noticeable MPG different, or responsiveness. I notice responsiveness more on a cool morning on the 10 miles to the station compared to the warmer drive home in the evening than I do with fuel.
  11. Don't worry, I know someone who down the tip threw their whole bunch of keys in the crusher/compacter, never to see them again! No spares to had to be recovered to a main Stealer to be bent over for new everything haha
  12. miles per tank

    I get 300 to 350 on my MK2 1.6. It's pretty ropey around town!
  13. Replacing Power Steering Pipes MK2

    My mechanic told me it's a beehatch to fit. But the modified one should be correct. Is the leak deffo the pipe and not the reservoir?
  14. Going South, the Dartford Crossing should be ok as you'd be using the bridge rather than tunnels.
  15. Power steering pump

    Mines in at the moment for a leak (likely pipes/reservoir). My Mechanic said it is a tight job, but if you remove enough components in the area (alternator as an example) it makes the job easier.