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  1. My local dealer quotes £145 for a first service. I never let the dealer valet the car since having my paintwork damaged by a dealer's valet (non Ford). The car was put through a car wash and then left undried in the summer sun, which permanently marked the dark, metallic paint. Dealer accepted no responsibility, repair costs were not cheap.
  2. Ever since I've had my car I have had great difficulty refuelling - at the last attempt it needed 11 minutes to get jsut 8 litres. Today was fill-up time again, a task I truly dreaded. I waited until the forecourt was clear before driving to a pump, put the nozzle in up to the first notch, squeezed the trigger and got 35 litres of Esso at the first attempt! I never knew that the simple act of putting petrol in a car could give me so much pleasure. Long may it continue. This refuelling problem is the only niggle I've had with the car, and maybe that problem is now no more.
  3. Holding the button in should reset the trip meter, but there is also a reset button in the bottom right corner of the rev counter dial. (p 57 in my handbook).
  4. Thanks for the replies - I'll see how I get on the next time. Maybe there is something to be said for electric cars after all!
  5. I am having trouble refuelling my Mk 7 Fiesta. If I follow the instructions and insert the nozzle up to the first notch, the pump delivers about an egg cup full of petrol before cutting out. I have tried putting the nozzle in by various amounts and at various angles and have tried different pumps and filling stations, but to no avail. The last attempt took 11 minutes to get 8 litres. Is there a secret technique that I have yet to master? Any help would be much appreciated - it's driving me nuts.
  6. Completed the first 1000 miles today. I'm not about to go out and rev the nuts off the engine, but reckon I can now have a little bit more fun.
  7. MPG

    Filled up again yesterday at 877 miles from new. Trip said 49.5 for the tank full, actaul mpg was 43.73
  8. Mk 7. One of the nicest cars I've ever owned.
  9. It took me a long time to make up my mind, and the delays to the delivery time made me wonder if I had made the right decision, but the wait was certainly worth it. It's a fine car and I'm sure you will get many hours of pleasure from yours. September is not really that far away!
  10. I too was messed about for over 3 months, during which time I had 8 delivery dates. I grew more and more frustrated, eventually hating this thing that was giving me so much grief. Even when I visited the dealer to check on delivery, only to be told that it had arrived, but no-one had bothered to tell me, I just walked away. Collection restored my enthusiasm a little, but a couple of days driving the car put the smile back on my face! Now, a month on I can't get enough of it - it's a brilliant motor. I really hope that you have the same pleasure - after all this time, you deserve it. Good luck.
  11. I needed to know that, too - thanks. Now I must go and take some pics.
  12. I hope you get as much pleasure from your Zetec S as I'm getting from mine - I'm sure you will. I went for a drive yesterday just fror the fun of it and it's been a long time since I last did that.
  13. When I ordered my car on 19 Feb the dealer explained that " the price is protected" and I would not pay any price incease should one occur before delivery. Delivery was just over three months later during which time the price had inceased, but I only paid the original, contracted price. Could you check with your dealer that your price was not also "price protected"?
  14. Before I bought my Fiesta, I looked very closely at the dealer's test drive cars for signs of swirl marks in the paint - I assumed he washed them frequently. I saw none. I know that water- based paints are supposed to be softer than other paints, but my trade-in had water-based paint, was three years old and had no swirl marks. I agree that the Ford air-con does not run as cold as some other makes, but I reckon it's still cold enough to have an acceptable effect.
  15. My previous car's doors locked automatically at 5mph and I have got used to the feelng of security. I know the arguments for and against locked doors and on balance prefer them locked. I use the Fiesta's door lock button as soon as I move off.