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  1. New Ford Focus 2017 - Few questions

    Thanks guys, I just filled up and it says 311 miles. I have reset the trip computer as first time I have filled up. My last company car was a Prius so this is a step up, was like driving a milk float lol. Not so many miles to tank as not hybrid, all cars should be hybrid imo! With respect the presets, what a dumb decision!
  2. Is there a way to switch preset banks on DAB using the controls on the steering wheel? Seems a rather large oversight if not possible? What round town MPG should I be expecting? What motorway MPG should I be expecting? What combined MPG should I be expecting? How many miles per tank should I be expecting. Its the 125PS 1.0 ST Line? What size in litres is the tank? Will sport ( automatic) mode guzzle juice? Are the gear change paddles just a gimmick or should I use them more often? Thanks in advance!
  3. Got a nice aftermarket Alpine stereo and FM reception is ok, but it could be better. I was looking around to see if there is a better after market aerial I can purchase? Any suggestions?
  4. Ok, do you know the part numbers? Also is this dead easy for a noob?
  5. Has anyone done this, I saw the guide about electric windows but not just for mirrors? Will I need to take door apart? what is the cost and which parts do I need? It's pre facelift.
  6. Just a follow up, as expected they had not reconnected the A/C.....
  7. I had a new stereo installed by Road Radio, so you could be right. Going to call them up.
  8. OK, will have a look. I am not mechanically minded, so how would I know if the relay is faulty? Where is this on the car, as mentioned I am not mechanically minded but always willing! Also need to mention that recirculate does not work. Are they both on same relay?
  9. I am guessing it is a fuse, I have some fuses. However I have no idea which one it is? it seems they are behind glove box, how do I remove lid? Edit - Ok it's not the fuse, just replaced. any other suggestion?
  10. I have a GoPro Hero 4 black, but its not suitable for recording continuously while driving like a dash cam. So what makes do you suggest?
  11. Are they truly necessary? I have been riding a motorbike for 22 years and never felt the need for one?
  12. Hi James, Payment has gone through pending approval from staff, but it sat there for a few minutes with the spinning logo and I thought it had crashed again. It might be wise to advise people of this delay?
  13. Thanks. Edit > Just spoke to Paypal, they have removed this off my profile. I will try again on desktop. For reference the crash happened on iPhone 6s IOS 9.2.1 using Safari with adblock disabled.
  14. I tried to sign up for premium on your website, logged in to paypal to pay but when it went back to your site i got a constant spinning loop. Now I have a pending payment stuck on my paypal account that I cannot cancel to try again. What can I do? Not very happy new forum member!