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  1. Boot Badge

    My MK3 2011 was the same when I bought it last year. Got them to replace both the boot and the bonnet badges for free cause they looked a state! Replacements seem to be doing ok for now.
  2. Cheers, thanks for getting back to me. Might buy one and see what it's like.
  3. Rear Number plate -How do i get it off?

    Since when was your registration number known as your "index"?! Kinda glad i live in "the wilds" of Scotland now. Never known anyone to have had a number plate knicked.
  4. Can I ask a question about the Shark Fin aerial. Have you noticed a difference in reception on DAB radio? I'd like to change mine, but I do listen to the radio so don't want the reception to get worse!
  5. Focus MK3 Coil Spring

    I just replaced a front coil a few weeks ago. Only did the one side and the car is handling fine. Cost £90 fitted. I thought I'd need both done, but the mechanic explained that most modern cars, unless they have done 100k miles or are 10+ years old there is no real call to replace the springs in pairs (as the other side is probably likely to go soon). When I picked the car up, the replaced spring side was maybe 1-2 cm taller than the other side, but the next morning it was perfectly level.
  6. Stop / Start on fords ?

    Does the Fiesta have the same active grill things at the front as the focus? When I first picked up my 2012 focus, it would do the same, battery warnings after 5min of listening to radio, after driving around town and stop start kicking in a few times. Turns out the motor on the active grill was faulty. Replaced that and not had a problem since. (Aside from stop start having a mind of its own!)
  7. I have a pair of Salomon walking shoes i use for work and general walking around. Can't fault them at all, but then i did only pay £20 for them! Best boots I've had by far are my Altbergs. I've got a pair of Defenders (army issue) and could wear them all day, every day. My motorcycle boots are also Altbergs. Fantastic quality boots, and the guys who make them are full of knowledge and laughs! I visited them to get my bike boots custom made, due to my small feet. Couldn't have asked for better service.
  8. Things I Don't Like

    I can completely agree with that! I really struggled to put the spare back where it was meant to be. So much so I ended up chucking it in the boot and driving to a local garage to ask for help!
  9. If you are doing all the driving yourself, allow for a couple of 20min breaks at least and you will be fine. Google directions/maps is pretty accurate time wise on UK roads from my experience. Especially since you will only be using major roads. I normally check it before I start. I've driven Dundee to Plymouth in an old 1.2 petrol Clio a number of time. Can vary from ~10hrs to ~12hrs including stops. Once took 17hrs, but that was because of a very bad accident on the M6. Even on that trip however, Google adjusted itself and i still arrived within 15min of when it said i would.
  10. Things I Do Like

    I shared the joy my tiny motorcycle brings to everyone who see's it with 3 car mechanics this morning. I rode over to drop off the keys to my focus so they can replace the broke coil spring. Spent 15min laughing and chatting with them about exhausts and mods on my "cute but mad" looking little bike. I like to think I've brightened up their morning on an otherwise dreich and deary day. ;-)
  11. Things I Don't Like

    This is the first one I've had go on any car I've had. However talking to people who live near me, a large percentage have had coils go since the speed bumps were put it. And this is on a range of cars. Some 10+ years old, youngest is a year. Emailing the council, futile, but I'll try!
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Neither have I. I didn't notice untill wednesday when i used it to get to work (i had been using the bike). Drove it to work and found it to be "a but weird" got out and noticed the gap difference… I remember the noise on Sunday afternoon, at the time i was confused but couldn't work out where it came from! Can only guess it was the coil giving up. Council have recently filled my road with horrible harsh speed bumps, and the roads are a state just now with pot holes so putting it down to them.
  13. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like it when a front coil on my focus randomly brakes with a horrible snapping noise when I opened the passenger door to remove shopping... Got it booked in for a replacement tomorrow. Thankfully it was pay week this week!
  14. Beading Shots!

    Taken with my phone, so not the best of photos. But i rather like the tiny little beads here. (I now have step ladders so can wax the whole roof! )
  15. I have the ecoboost 1.6 in that car. It's not sluggish, but mpg sits around 40, so if you change don't expect too much of an improvement there!