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  1. Having trouble with my 2002 focus 1.6 ghia. Its been serviced very recently, all filters etc. replaced. The problem.... Taking a few turns to start her up, and then sluggish till she warms up. After this ok til next day. The problem has just started, its not a slow increase in the problem, ok one day then problem started, and there ever since. Even does it after a long run. Any help really appreciated. Dave.
  2. Yes, it is the speed control sensor, £26 inc vat from ford. When it stops working the senor tell the engine management you are not moving, although you are, and it reduces your power, so you end up a bit sluggish, For replacement leave it to your garage, as the car needs to be up in the air, its located at the back of the gearbox. Its a swine to remove as there is a pin that doesnt want to come out...deffo not a roadside repair. My local garage charged me £10 to replace it.
  3. Hi, up above your foot pedal, there are 2 valves, one of these valves will be leaking, cant remember if it brake or clutch fluid, we had to buy a new part and it cost us about £60. get it done quickly, as the fluid will get into your carpets.
  4. Hi, I had this problem on my 2002 petrol, all the footwell carpets were covered in the stuff.....a new part cost, if I remember correctly about £60 from ford.