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  1. I've booked in to have my roof wrapped gloss black in a couple of weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has had this done on theirs (especially if yours is deep impact blue like mine) so I can see how they look! TIA 😊
  2. Appreciating the clean from today as it doesn't last long at this time of year 😪
  3. Said bye bye to the tango - both front and rear indicators changed to Phillips silver vision...can anyone recommend bulbs for the side indicators? Can't seem to find a silver vision version of the bulbs 🤔
  4. Thanks, I did this the other day! This is how they look now...
  5. Quick question - are these the right bulbs for my number plate lights?
  6. Booked in to have a stage 1 revo remap on Tuesday...going to put a panel filter in at the same time too 😬
  7. Also did some more blue interior lights the other day (they do look slightly purple in the pic for some reason) but exactly the same as my footwell ones, put one in the boot aswell 🙆🏻
  8. Does anyone have a bluefin ecu remap on their zetec s? If you do I'd love to know what you think of it...I'm considering getting one 🤔
  9. Got the back 3 tinted the other day ◾️✨
  10. ****Update**** I rang ford this morning to question the new 3 year battery warranty vs. my cars 1 year warranty and also queried how the battery my car came with can only be guaranteed for a year, however if I were to buy the exact same battery new from ford it would be guaranteed for 3. I told them I felt my battery shouldn't have deteriorated like this etc etc. Anyway long story short, they couldn't really give me an answer for my questions. I have been issued with a complaints case number, they said they will speak to T C Harrison later today and I will have a decision by tomorrow morning as to whether they will replace my battery.
  11. Ooh ok. So maybe the price I was quoted isn't so bad seeing as I would need someone to fit one I bought from euro car parts anyway?
  12. Haha I wish. That price also according to them includes a 10% discount because I have a Ford service plan 🙄
  13. Hi everyone, So I found out today that my battery is leaking ...the only positive is that by the looks of things it hasn't been leaking for long. How long do you think a battery should last? My car just missed out on the new ish 3 year ford battery warranty they introduced to replace the old 1 year one. My local T C Harrison Ford have quoted me £180 for a new one, do you think this sounds right? I took my car to Halfords and euro car parts and they both said they don't even stock the EFBs suitable for my car. Advice please xxxxxx
  14. Haha, I'll thank you now! You're right, the ariel is definitely one of the things that's started to bug me any chance you have the link to where I could order a new one? X