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  1. Does Colour Matter?

    What do you all think of black, dark grey and midnight blue colours in cars? Do they show the dirt, chips and scratches up well? Liam.
  2. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    Whichever engine configuration I choose in the end, several things that I have made a decision on is, going for a Titanium or Titanium X spec model for all the extras and one with 17inch alloys. Colours I have decided on too: silver, white. Would consider a midnight blue or dark grey but they do show the chips and scratches well. I’ll probably steer clear of red and black unless the perfect one comes along! Liam.
  3. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    True point Tom! The idea of having a 1.0 EcoBoost 125 engine in a bigger car than a Fiesta intrigues me and would be better for the type of driving I do, plus it would be better fuel economy and probably better on insurance. But, the lure of possibly owning a 1.5 EcoBoost with bigger performance, less on fuel economy and higher on insurance is the same as the idea of owning a 1.0 EcoBoost which intrigues me. Whichever enigine configuration I choose, I’ll keep it for 3 or 4 years. So I’ve got to make sure I make the right decision. What recent dilemma did you have Tom? Liam.
  4. Hi Everyone, I’ve posted several topics for advice on the Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125, but I have a question for you all. If you were looking for your next Focus and you had you sights on getting the 1.0 EcoBoost 125 and were checking out car dealership websites to see what’s available for this engine configuration but whilst browsing you stumbled opon a 1.5 EcoBoost 150, would you stick to getting the 1.0 or would you go for the 1.5? What would you do and why would you do it! Liam.
  5. Hi Everyone, You all may remember I started a topic titled ‘How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?’, which I got an excellent response from with which I thank you all for.! I have another question to ask you all about the 1.0l EcoBoost 125, which wasn’t discussed in depth in the topic. A 1.0 EcoBoost 125 would be a perfect next car for me for the sort of journeys I do, which are a mixture of roads but they are short journeys. Rarely do long journeys! But, if my circumstances changed and I started doing longer journeys on motorways at higher speeds, would this little engine still be sufficient enough? It maybe in a way a strange question, but I need to make sure I make the right choice in my next car, which I will be buying very soon. Thank you, Liam.
  6. Does Colour Matter?

    Seems to be a lot of red around, lol. My first car was a canary yellow austin metro. Next was a dark blue austin maestro, I loved this car. Then the third car came along which started the birth of being a Ford owner, a dark blue mk1 fiesta. The fourth car was a rosso red mk4 escort, the colour didn’t fade with this. Then the fifth car was a rosso red mk5 escort, this red did fade. Then came along my sixth and current car a moondust metallic silver mk1.5 Focus, I love this car! Moondust metallic silver always looks clean. She’s coming up to her 10th MOT next week since I bought her in 2007. Unfortunately I’ll have to replace her very soon due to health reasons. I like moondust silver, deep impact blue, white, metallic grey, candy blue and red. Not struck on black. Don’t mind a red, i recently saw a red Focus for sale on the autotrader website and it was lovely. I’ve never had a black, white or grey car but would consider having a white car. I would like my next Focus to have black interior. Does anyone else find that grey interiors reflect back the sun onto the inside of the windscreen which makes it difficult to see on country lanes under the trees with the sun blazing through the trees?
  7. Does Colour Matter?

    Oh right. I missed read it, missed that important part. ‘Me Dime Bar’ 😂😂
  8. Does Colour Matter?

    Your current ST3 was a Deep Impact Blue but now is a Shadow Black! Did you have a full body respray?
  9. Does Colour Matter?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered what your thoughts were about whether the colour of your car mattered too you? When you bought your last car did you base your decision on the importance of the colour of your car. Or if you found the car that you so wanted but didn’t go much on the colour, would you still buy it? What colour cars do you hate! Liam.
  10. PCP Finance

    Thank you Gary for your comment! Its a small independent dealer, but it’s where I bought my present 54 plate Focus 1.6 10 years ago on the 17th of this month, so for me being loyal to them as my next car will be my 3rd car from them, they might try hard to get the car that I won’t next. I read about your Trust Ford experience. Absolute shoddy dealershiping from them! You must be a very very patient man to keep perseveraning with it. Liam.
  11. How Many of You?

    Thank you everyone for your replies! A lot of truth in what you all say. I suppose you can’t do anything about it, well what doesn’t involve a friendly chat with the perpetrator with my mate ‘Buster’ 😉
  12. PCP Finance

    Hi Everyone, I’ve got a question I need answering please! If you got a car on the PCP Finance scheme from an independent car dealer and you were at the end of your term (36/48 months) and you wanted to get a new car and trade in the one you had on the PCP but the independent dealer didn’t have a car that you liked, what would you do?? Thank you, Liam.
  13. How Many of You?

    Hi Everyone, How many of you have bought a new, nearly new or used car and have worried about it getting scratched, chipped or dented by other car users when they walk past your car or opening their car doors? I’m hoping to get a new car, well, a used new car to me, and am worried this is going to happen as soon as I get it! Just wondered what you all thought about this. Liam.
  14. So you could safely say this little 1.0l 3 cylinder EcoBoost 125 engine in the Focus has lots of pulling power (torque) in low revs, mid revs and high revs? Thanks again for all you comments in this post.
  15. Thanks Pebble! I’ll certainly give it some serious consideration.