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  1. I must measure it though I'm sure the drivers electric leather on the focus won't go as low as non-electric though I do like the heated leather.
  2. My 2p worth... I'm on my fourth diesel Focus (2000 1.8Tddi, 2004 1.8Tddi, 2006 1.6TDCi, presently 2008 1.6TDCi) none of which had any significant engine issues up to selling point generally around 130K. The 90 BHp engine is perfectly capable of taking the car to illegal and due to the torque I actually enjoy driving mine. I find it funny when people suggest it is not enough, my first car had 37Bhp and 652cc! I also tow a 1150Kg trailer from time to time, it takes some winding up though I rarely have traffic behind me. :) My nephew had a 2008 1.6TDCi Focus estate as his first car and loved it. £30 road tax, 50MPG and no DPF to worry about (on the 90Bhp). My 2006 TDCi went to a mate with 130K, he sold it with 170K without having to touch the engine.
  3. I don't believe they did a 110 Studio.
  4. I was referring to the 2005 1.6TDCi Studio, it didn't have DPF. My 2008 version of the same doesn't either.
  5. 2005 didn't have DPF
  6. I can't open either of our two fuel 'flaps' ('58 and '59 diesel Focuses) - really struggled to get fuel in following running dry.
  7. Another happy EGR blank user here, fitted to the wife's '59 1.6TDCi 110 Euro5 and it drives much nicer for it. No hesitation pulling away - always had a nasty dead spot. Still to do my '58 1.6TDCi 90 Euro4 though it doesn't have the same 'need'.
  8. I think you've captured the necessary wires, the ones exiting the top of your photo. Will confirm tomorrow hopefully.
  9. No though assuming the baby doesn't arrive before its Thursday due date I'll grab some photos (though I'm not certain they'll show the colour codes given already).
  10. I'm on my fourth Focus, just bought one for the wife too as mine have been virtually trouble free. People are much more prone to complaining about faults than praising things they like, I'm generally a glass half full person though. :)
  11. People still do this? I always leave my car in gear when parked, 1st or reverse will offer the best anti-rolling resistance. I also always start a car with the clutch depressed (negating the need to check if it's in gear) as it slightly reduces the starting load. Does the manual or highway code not explain how to park safely on a hill? I thought these were 'common sense' though I'm finding common sense is increasingly uncommon. ;)
  12. AA and RAC both recommend putting the better tyres on the back (contrary to what I grew up being told). More here... http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/safety/car-tyres.html I run the Goodyears on my Focus 16s and like them though prefer the Continental 5s on my wifes Focus running on 17s.
  13. Any plans to be in Central Scotland? I'm looking to enable remote powerfold on the wife's 59 Titanium. It has factory powerfold, is it likely to need 'the wire'?