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  1. Someone I follow on Instagram has just purchased the chrome fog light bezels from a ZS/ST - cut off the clips that usually attach them to the plastic surrounds and glued straight them onto the surrounds, around the fog light apertures. Looks mint and seems like the perfect solution! Defo going to do the same, once I've got my plastics glossed.
  2. After deciding I would like to add rear parking sensors, I did some research and chose the Vodafone (previously Cobra) 'Park Master' R0394 system, as the reviews were really positive and I wanted a flush/colour-coded OEM-look. Now that they have arrived and I've looked over the instructions, erm...I think fitting them may be beyond me! Has anyone tried fitting similar themselves, or know of anywhere in the North East I could go and pay for them to be fitted?
  3. I've added wind deflectors
  4. Unfortunately not! I've been trying to think of an OEM-style mod, along the lines of the silver Zetec S/ST, or chrome Mk7 surrounds, but I'm yet to come up with anything. I suppose you could try silver paint with a tiny brush for a similar look, if you have the steadiness/patience! Or perhaps having them gloss black or something, to modernise?
  5. I've noticed an intermittent issue recently when starting (first winter with the car, so I don't know if the cold weather is causing the issue), but occasionally when starting the engine, it takes a second longer than usual to start; the central locking makes a noise (?), interior light and radio goes off and back on, and then afterwards the average speed/MPG resets on the computer!? Not sure if this is an ignition/alternator/battery issue, or? Anyone experienced anything similar?
  6. Thanks both! Not sure what colour I'd choose, as in my Zetec Blue there is no real light colour theme as all the lights on radio/climate etc are different! The footwell/door handle lights in my friend's MINI are nice; very dim so not distracting, but look very cool. Can't say I'd have the skills to make them colour changing mind you! Next job is flush Vodafone/Cobra rear parking sensors that I've just ordered anyway...wish me luck aha!
  7. In my friend's MINI, he has ambient lighting; " for the front and rear footwells and orange lighting for the front door pockets and centre console", which are illuminated whenever driving. I would like to fit some kind of similar LED ambient lighting in my Fiesta (maybe just footwells), but all the guides I see online are just wired so that the lights are activated when the doors are opened, i.e. interior light operated. Is there any way to wire this type of lighting so that it is always on when driving; not just when the headlights are on, or when doors are opened?
  8. Does the Mk6.5 Fiesta share wing mirrors with the Mk1 C-Max? (They look similar). Just wondering about the potential to fit, or modify and fit the indicator/puddle light mirrors off a C-Max Ghia?
  9. Just a couple of questions about the Ford approved accessory armrest (picture below) for anyone who has it fitted; does it make using the handbrake tricky (e.g. at traffic lights, hill stops etc), as in do you find yourself changing the position up/down often? And secondly does the way it's fitted with the four screws look cheap/aftermarket, or does it look pretty much like a factory-fitted feature? A general consensus on them would be'll be time to start my Christmas list soon man!
  10. I've been thinking about purchasing the gear lever surround from an older Fiesta (without aux connection) and fitting an adaptor (below), simply conncted to the original aux socket and cigarette lighter socket (with USB adaptor), then hidden underneath the surround so that I'm left with something like the very poor quality edit I have created below - which I think would look quite neat and pretty OEM. However, it seems that the cigarette lighter is permanently live, even when the car has been locked for a while and the dash/radio lights have gone off. I'm worried about this as the USB adaptor I have has a light on it. Would having the USB adaptor permanently connected to the original cigarette lighter (and therefore permanently live) potentially create any issues in terms of battery draining, or fire risk? Would a USB adaptor without a light solve it? Or, is there a way to make the cigarette lighter only live with ignition? Thanks! P.S. Apologies again for the truly awful iPhone editing hash, but I wanted to put my idea into a picture!
  11. Thank you both for your replies! Leak seems to have reduced since using the stop leak stuff but I'm going to keep an eye on it and probably get it checked out anyway. Don't want to ignore and end up with a bigger issue
  12. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with a Mk6 Fiesta...My power steering fluid is leaking onto the driveway; a fairly small amount, but it is noticeable and the level drops in the reservoir. I haven't noticed any particular issues as of yet, but I think that's because I'm quite conscious of keeping it topped-up. I have put some 'stop leak' stuff in, as I'd read quite good things about it; however I don't think it's fixed the issue. The only other (possibly connected) 'symptom' I've noticed is that there is sometimes a dull knock kind of sound, usually when pulling away. Nothing particularly when turning. The car actually had virtually no power steering fluid when I purchased it in March, however I topped this up and there has been no change until a couple of weeks ago - so I don't think it's linked. The only thing that may have caused it is I hit a magpie on the A1 at 70mph, and it went under the car (one for sorrow) and perhaps it's knocked a pipe loose and that's causing the leaking/knocking!? Any advice greatly appreciated and if photos would help - just let me know :) Thanks! Liam
  13. Haven't heard back from the owner yet, will give her a call tomorrow. She was really lovely to be honest, and was mainly surprised/thankful that I'd left a note and contact number, as people had bumped her in the past and left nothing. The impact must have been at 5mph maximum so I really think that the damage is superficial, and would mostly polish out. In fact, it looks worse on the pic than in reality! I have a friend who works at the dealership she bought the car from originally, and she said she'd prefer the work to be done there as it's very near to where she lives - so fingers crossed that she'll still be interested in me just paying for the repair. I'd hate to think how I'd feel if I ran someone over or something because I still haven't stopped thinking about this since Wednesday need a Valium or something aha
  14. Hi all, thanks for comments. I've left the owner an answerphone message and hopefully I'll hear back soon. I've decided I definitely want to pay for the repair, as I think through insurance it'll cause me more issues in the long run. I have no no protected NCB and my excess is £500! So fingers crossed, I'll keep you posted. Personally if that was my car, I'd happily touch that up and t-cut to as good as new
  15. So yesterday I did a boo-boo and reserved into someone's parked car, doh! - also a Fiesta funnily enough. Anyway, I did the honest thing and left a note with my number. Spoke to the owner today and they were very reasonable indeed; appreciated that I'd left a note, I gave them my full insurance details etc., and also said that I know someone who works at the dealer they bought it from. I keep thinking about it and I'm really starting to panic - I think this is going to cost me a fortune if we go through insurance, and is going to have a massive impact on my future insurance. I've included a photo of the damage, which in my opinion is fairly minimal/superficial, and I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile me just offering to pay for the repair and not go through insurers? Anyone experienced something similar/had similar damage? I'm in full anxiety mode now P.S. The damage to my car is even more minimal and can be easily touched-up/t-cut.