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  1. Front Fog Lamps and Radio/CD Problems

    Thanks for your help mintalkin, the foglamps I presume are genuine (small rectangle ish) would you know if you can purchase wiring looms and the plugs that connect to the lamps. I have no code for the radio, if I could find the serial number, am I right in thinking the forum could supply me with the code!
  2. Front Fog Lamps and Radio/CD Problems

    Over 160 veiws, and nobody can help - amazing!!
  3. I have just recently purchased an immaculate Mk5 1.25 Fiesta Flight. Going through it with a fine tooth comb I have two problems in which I need some help. Firstly it has two fog lamps incorporated in the front bumper. There is no switch or wiring looms for these lights, please could I have some assistance to make these work. Secondly the radio/cd is a 6000 Model. Works fine on all stations, but, the station name permantly flashes on the screen. Any help would be appreciated!