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  1. Two cosmetic things .....

    I've got new rear lights for an 04 3 door. However, there is some pesky hexagonal screw holding them to the body. Having checked thru three sets of screws / bits, I can't find one that will fit. Does anyone know what exact size I'm looking for ? Does any one know if there are circular foglights (and fittings) for the front ? - I really don't like the originals !!!! Thanks - in advance
  2. 600 cd rds e-on

    WOW What a quick reply. I'm impressed - which doesn't happen too often !!! This owners club seems very worthwhile Thanks very much for the reply.
  3. 600 cd rds e-on

    Hi, New Focus owner here - (new Focus owner - not owner of a new Focus) - I need the instructions for the above cd player. Does anyone have a spare copy, website or PDF file ? Also, while I'm here, what speaker upgrades would people recommend and how would I add a cd changer (under the seat) to the existing system and does anyone have any recommendations ? Cheers