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  1. Happy Birthday ASHMAN!

  2. Performance Filter

    I have K&N panal filter in for winter ..K&Ninduction for summer..both easy fit.
  3. K&n Panel Filter

    I have tried the panel filter and the induction kit from K&N,they give me the same hp increase,as I have the full Milltek exhaust system. Induction more noise on acceleration. :D
  4. Fiesta St Alloys On A Mark 7??

    The offset of the st fiesta is narrower than the standard alloy,which means the sit further into the arch. ;)
  5. Try a full service on the car. :)
  6. Car Advice

    Hello.. Seen them somewhere said check insurance out for any mods.
  7. First Service Stamps cars first service had both stamps put in the service book...12000 mile service.
  8. Fiesta 2009 Mk7 Eibach Springs 35Mm

    Hi,yes they are very easy to change.
  9. Annoying Rattle In Glove Compartment

    Take it back to dealers to sort out. Mine rattles under the passenger side dash and also in the A pillar.They will only sort it out in the first 12 months.
  10. Am I Missing Something?

    Yes they work on mine. :D
  11. First Service By Ford Dealer

    My cars first service was around £94.00 all in. :D
  12. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    I have fitted the full milltek exhaust,K&n pannel filter. No ecu remap.Plenty more power,£25.00 insurance admin fee.More miles to the gallon as to when car was standard.
  13. Parts Of Interest

    These have been around for over 12 months on ebay.
  14. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S Tappets

    My Mk7 1.6 petrol zetec s has noisy tappets when cold,has been from new.Car has 22000 miles on clock and is still the same.
  15. Rear Speaker

    Yes the rear side trim has to be removed.Look in the search box,there are a few threads on installation of rear speakers.