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  1. Fiesta MK6 Finesse 1.3L ECU Replacment

    IF you are sure that the ECU is at fault. I would send the ECU for an ECU repair you can google ECU repair on the internet that way you will get your own repaired ECU back with all your car settings intact saving you a shed load of problems you will have with a brand new one IE" programming it to your car and keys etc"
  2. Cooling system help

    Cooling radiator fans on most modern cars do not run all the time .The cooling is done mostly by the ram air effect of air through the grill through the radiator to cool as you drive normaly around .The fans will only come on mostly in heavy traffic and when standind still in stationary traffic.The A/C Fan/s will come on faily straight away when the air con comes on and this is normal and will stop a short after when switched off.I would expect that running at around 90 deg is about right give or take abit you would need to check for sure on the OEM data but it wont be far off that.As you say you ran the ar for 90 -100 kph for 15 mins and the temp is still the same so i would say that everything i is o.k/ normal and nothing to worry about I would think you need to sit in some heavy traffic for a wile to see the fans come on.
  3. Gearbox malfunction

    I don't know exactly what your issue is from your description. But if it is the clutch as you think then virtually any clutch specialist will be able sort it for you and may even collect the car as some do that if its not drivable. If it is a gearbox issue then the same applies .Just as you car is a 2006 doesn't mean its past it yet. I expext the local Ford dealership you went to didn't want to know (no profit in it for them and probably want a new car sale)so it was the wrong place to go try others there are plenty. Mine is a 2007 Focus and just passed the mot with 1 advisory worn break pads plenty of life left yet in the MK2.
  4. Alternator issues

    Both should physically fit the same, personally I'd get a 150 amp version as it won't really use any more fuel but will give you more electrical "capacity" when/if needed. I agree fit the biggest one that will ie the 150 amp regardless what you already have .you will notice the difference in the winter. I did this with a MK1 focus and also fitted the biggest capacity battery that would fit, never had a winter starting issue again. Of course you could just take it to an Auto elec. and have it refurbished by them wile you wait save you all the hassle.
  5. Jumping out of gear

    When I have had this problem in other Ford cars its always been the gearbox needed repair it can be any gear but first and second was more common to me like you I had to actually hold it in gear eventually to stop it popping out.It may be adjustment but In my experience it never was that. Of cores I could be wrong lets hope so .What I would do is get it checked by a gearbox specialist who specialises in gearboxes only. That way you can take it back to the dealers with some real facts. would think that if its a while you wait fix its not done right. Put the dealer under some pressure to get it done right. Isn't it annoying you pay your money then they don't seam interested when there is a problem.
  6. windscreen scuttle query

    looks normal to me just as you said its collected a load of crud, its not bonded to the windscreen as it has to come of at one time or another for example windscreen change and or window wipers mechanism lubrication if needed. Just give it a good clean and keep on top of the build up. The water dripping underneath from there is normal as there is usually some drain holes at the side or bottom for the water to get out from under there sometimes with a small pipe attached to it depending on car type . Fom your pics it looks as if you are parked under or by a tree or something that would account for the crud

    Why not ? The cost would be similar and better genuine proven results. Some of the so called power chips on fleebay are proven to do absolutely nothing and others questionable check out Utube. Have a look at my BHP for my MK2 done mostly by a remap .My first remap from a local Gurage put 75BHP on mine without any other mods (yes I know its a different engine but the principle is the same). Then I added other bits and another big remap to get the rest. better performance is already in your ecu it s just that you have an OEM one for all map that suits the ordinary joe blogs and European commitments and overall differences in manufacture tolerances all you have to do is remap to get the best out. I promise you won't be disappointed and may local garages can do this and works well on most diesels

    There are lots of threads on here if you do a search on this subject. But it depends on what you want to achieve if you are just doing that then something like a K& N panel filter in your OEM box will be better that way you will not have to change it at service just give it a clean, flows better too . But if you are after more performance then what ever you do on its own this won't do a lot if anything( maybe 5 BHP hardly noticeable) but make a bit more induction noise and look cosmetically better. For performance you will do better with a remap in combination with the induction system its surprising how this will make a considerable difference to your desiel more torque etc (more torque the better).At least you have a 2ltr a decent size engine to start.
  9. Brake Advice

    Probably the cheapest way Standard OEM discs with either green or yellow stuff probably green would be best remarkably a lot better stopping. if your OEM discs are good just change out the pads etc cheapest way.You could do bigger callipers and disc etc but then it get expensive .
  10. 'Skipping' at 55-60mph

    Possibly a buckled rim and or tyre damage ie a lump in the tyre somewhere not always easy to spot
  11. Well some if you do that the rolling radius of the wheels will be wrong therefore your speedo will not reflect your correct road speed. The way round it is to fit bigger rims as well for example if you had 17" rims you would need 18" rims with the low profile tyres and that defeats the object of what you want to do as effectively you have the same as you started with.A change of gear box with different ratios would work well but then drivability comes in.Years ago I used to fit 5 speeds into a ford that had 4 as standard the rear axel ratio was not changed .that ment it was like poo of a shovel from 0 to 60 but dead after that but with a rear axel ratio change it was then O.K normal only with 5 instead of 4.I know what you mean though and this is why some fit a mondeo gear box in to the mk2 Focus ST as they think the ST is to short ratio as they want a slightly longer ratio box. There may be a way to reprogram the speedo speed sensor or change it out to a different car but I don't know about that( years ago we just changed a little worm gear in the gearbox to suit) Yep I agree with that
  12. Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)

    Take the cables off get a small bag like a sandwich bag put a god drop of oil in the bag tie and seal the open end of the bag to one end of the cable hang it on your washing line with the bag on top overnight so the oil can run down the inside of the cable over night ( hide the oil drips on the floor from the wife) , do that with all parts of your cable system. You will find in the morning the oil has run down the inner and come out at the bottom ,give the inner cable a good wiggle. Your cable as long as its not internally damaged will work near perfect (well maybe) after that, always worked for me saves buying a new one. Nearly forgot don't take the inner cable out or try too the oil will still run down in-between.
  13. H11 Fog led's

    Slightly off subject if any one knows where to get proper canbus error free slightly blue say about 8000K high light out put H11 let me know can't seam to find any.
  14. H11 Fog led's

    I am sure this is because the ones you have are not proper canbus error free I have read on other forums you get exactly this with non error free H11.If you look at some sellers on Ebay they do state this and that one side will work and not the other if connected to a Canbus system. The way round it is to get and fit the addition resistor pack for H11 any make will do this makes the canbus think that ordinary bulbs are fitted and it will then work ok.The problem is on Ebay they often say they are canbus error free they are not all telling the truth
  15. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I don't have that engine but please get it looked at now before its to late as those pipes look like they cool the turbo. They don't look good