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  1. security

    Although there are things you can do. Don't get too paranoid about it. If I was a car thief with the right equipment I might fancy a keyless entry St or something, not so much an edge. I've had 4 keyless entry/start cars over the recent few years (including an ST) and haven't given it a moments thought. But if it bothers you then a few extra precautions won't hurt. Just keep things in perspective.
  2. Possible purchase

    Although not everyones cup of tea. The Vignale came in 20-30 cheaper on monthlies than the sport due to residuals. When using Carwow.
  3. Possible purchase

    You can try carwow to get a general idea. In the end I found the whole thing a bit too much to shell out on a Ford (coming from someone who has always had Fords)
  4. Edge Sport V Vignale

    The issue for me is the complete lack of thought that's gone into it. I could get an Audi A4, no premium car tax, add the traffic sign recognition option for £250 the.... bang, car suddenly becomes a premium car and now it cost an extra £310 per year to tax. Really a child could of thought this through better. In the days of HP finance then 40K would be a really big deal. In the days of PCP it's not so much. My budget on HP runs into about £22K, with the right car however, 40K is more in budget.
  5. Ordered it at last.

    I guess that's so the engine has a longer life. If you only keep cars 3-4 years then that's probably not much of a issue. These modern cars will be a noose around the owners neck after 8-10 years anyways as the electrics have a complete meltdown.
  6. Edge Sport V Vignale

    Check out the configurator on the ford website or download the brochures !
  7. Edge Sport V Vignale

    Did consider the Vig. I like the extra detailing on the sports bumpers over the titanium look and the vig has this and the 20" wheels without the sports suspension. Also, with a good discount the Vig works out cheaper per month than the sport. Although in the end, the lack of a decent engine prevented me going for the Edge. Nice car though.
  8. Ordered it at last.

    Sounds like a great car, we have the 180 tit x and it's superb. The LED lights are the mutts nuts. Just leave then permanently on auto. As for park assist, its ok. Had it in a Focus a few years back but to be honest it takes longer to park than when I do it myself and needs a bigger space than if I do it myself. Can be helpful for some though so fair enough.
  9. Vibration from road

    Being a loaner, it probably hasn't had a good life so far !
  10. Rear door alignment

    I heard of this problem on some Audi A3's I recall the adjustment was done on warranty,
  11. 2 Months / 2000 miles

    Isn't there a valet mode in one of the menus for this sort of thing.
  12. Bi turbo diesel

    Never noticed this on my testdrive. However this is the behaviour that plagues a lot of DSG/Stronic boxes.
  13. Sport

    God no, I'd paying more in petrol than for the car. Either a more powerful 2l diesel (The Tiguan can be had with 240bhp/500Nm) or the V6
  14. Sport

    Wouldn't be surprised. I like the Edge I really do. I know its no sports SUV but for Christ sake, forget about name changes and shoe horn in a better engine.
  15. 1500 miles in

    Luke. Are you referring to the fuel sloshing in the tank. If so we have that on our mondeo but to be honest i hardly ever notice it.