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  1. From the album My Fords

    Looked good on my baby but now selling these as have a focus, does not affect insurance as they are internal mods not a headlight mod
  2. From the album My Fords

  3. From the album My Fords

  4. From the album My Fords

  5. From the album My Fords

  6. From the album My Fords

  7. not sure about the light dimmer but the fog light switch just plugs straight in, the plug for the fog lights is just above the horn's, just behind the headlights
  8. the valve can be claened, had the same problem with tdci, just depends on where the valve is to how hard it is to clean it, cloges up cause of the exhaust gas being recirculated back into the cold air and it builds up carbon, just need a wire brish and some WD40, will do the trick