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  1. DVD players

    I ended up going to halfords and bought some infrared wireless headphones that work with the DVD players. At least we can listen to the radio whilst the kids are happy and quiet in the back listening to their film 🙂
  2. DVD players

    No, nothing. The instructions just mentions about the sound using headphones or speakers so I assumed they could be used without the headphones but no actual instructions on how to use them without the headphones. Have gone all through the menu options and nothing there either 😔
  3. DVD players

    Hi, we have just changed our car from a focus to a 2012 S Max Titanium (love it btw). Anyways, we were lucky enough to get one with a fitted DVD player for the kids. We've worked out how to turn it on etc but have no sound. It comes up about wireless headphones but the car didn't come with them and the instruction booklet mentions them playing through the speakers but I can't work out how to do this. Does anyone here know how to feet the sound through the speakers? And if I can only use them with headphones can they be any type of wireless headphone or will they have to be Ford? Thanks