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  1. Focus ST - GPS How to found it ?

    Do an HPI check. https://totalcarcheck.co.uk
  2. Pothole Damage

    Quote:- If the money was available, all highway authorities would love to fully reconstruct roads rather than have to resort to cheaper methods to surface or patch them. If the gov. used all the road tax money it collected on the roads then there would be very little problems instead of siphoning off some of it and using it elsewhere, we motorists are just treated as cash cows.
  3. GAP insurance -what is it?

    Basically, Its an insurance that if your car is written off it will pay you the difference between what you paid for the car and what you insurance company gives you.
  4. Pothole Damage

    Yes you can make a claim, I made one a few years ago for damaged wheel and tyre, go and take some photos also take a measuring tape with you to show the size and depth, then find the local authority responsible for that area and make a claim against them.
  5. Electrical problem

    I would say take the radio out, disconnect it and see if this cures the other problems, if so then the radio has not been wired in properly.
  6. rev counter not working after thermosat change

  7. MK2 Heated Steering Wheel

  8. Mobile speed camera

    Its only one camera as far as I know, what I mean is they can get you approaching it towards the camera and going away from the camera.
  9. Mobile speed camera

    They can check your speed both ways and there are cameras in these vans that can see you up to a mile away if the road is straight enough.
  10. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    Info on the invoice. 205/55R16 V KUMHO HS51 Fuel: C, Grip: C, Noise: 69dB,2 They have been on the car for just over year and I find they are still quite quiet. Certainly a lot better than the chunky treaded Kingpin re-moulds that where on when I bought the car, it sounded as if the car was falling apart, they where that loud and the front ones only lasted just under 3k. Another problem with the Kingpins was the whole valve center core came out when I removed the cap on one of them to check the tyre pressure one day.
  11. Focus MK2 Aluminium Pedal Kit

    That page that you linked to states:- Fits Focus From:From: 03-12-2007 To 01-07-2011 Have a look on eBay or Amazon etc.
  12. Dashboard mileage LCD not fully working

    The digital Mileometer.
  13. Dashboard mileage LCD not fully working

    You would appear to be still covered by your warranty get you dealer to sort it out.
  14. Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Hi Steve Yes seems about right, they are not the quickest 1.6,s as I said give it a major service including plugs and plug leads and a few decent length runs a week and you will notice a better mpg.
  15. Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Not knowing the price of petrol in you area but a quick calculation of that £15 at £1.15 per litre gives 3.29 galls divide your 100 miles this equals 30.39 miles to the gallon which as you say you are only running around locally is not bad for a Focus 1.6. I used to get about the same in mine doing local and a couple of 30 mile trips per week. When I had my last major service that included changing the air filter etc this has improved to 34/35 mpg.