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  1. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Confirmed means that the car will be built at some point but you can still change major components, engine, transmission etc, as it has not been built yet. No VIN number only Dealer Order number, A0000 for example. It then moves to Committed which locks in the major parts but you can change the options that car has. Still no VIN. Then moves into Segmentation/Re-segmentation/Body Offline/Assembly Offline in the factory which is where it starts being built. This is where it will get assigned a VIN number. and your dealer will get an ETA date for arrival. The ETA date is exactly that, it can shift forwards or backwards depending on parts availability/factory shutdowns etc. It will then leave the factory in Cologne and go into Transit, how long it takes from here will depend on where you dealership is and what the supply chain looks like. For the UK it goes into the Netherlands and then shipped across to Dagenham or Liverpool I believe and then on wards to the dealer. Not sure what "PVLB" is, I've never heard that one.
  2. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Orders contracted in November/December will start being built in April is the latest update I have from Ford. Every day I come into work I'm checking the status of our dealerships cars.
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I've just put in my order for an St Line X 140ps today. Got quite a few options on it so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes. I work in the dealership though so it's easier for me to check.
  4. What's your EcoBoost fuel of choice?

    I use Esso fuel simply because the Esso station is attached to a Tesco Express 2 minutes from my work so it's convenient for me.
  5. Dashcam Problems

    Took the camera back to Halfords yesterday. Turns out that the camera itself ws faulty and not the GPS unit so they just replaced the whole thing. All works fine now.
  6. Dashcam Problems

    Tried that as well. Beginning to think that I've been unlucky and got a dud unit. Will take it back to Halfords on my day off.
  7. Dashcam Problems

    Yep, did that through the menus on the camera.
  8. Dashcam Problems

    Hi all, Just purchased a Nextbase 312GW today and I'm having a few issues with it. Probably user error, but best to check. I plugged the camera into my laptop to charge it as was recommended, without the GPS mount attached. Camera comes on and appears to function correctly. If I then attach the GPS mount to the camera with the power cable still plugged into the camera, it switches itself off for some reason. Took it out to my car and connected the 12V cigarette lighter cable to the GPS mount and attached it to my windscreen and then attached the camera to the mount. All that happens is that the camera turns on, gets to the Nextbase logo, plays the little startup tune and then turns off and repeats the process again. Is there something that I'm doing wrong here? I have a Class 10 microSDHC card inserted.
  9. MK 6 B Pillar Trim Driver Side

    Hi, The B pillar trim has come off on the outside drivers door of my mums Mk 6 5 door. I had a new trim delivered - part number 14736763 - but the plastic clips that are shown on this image from Amazon are missing on mine - https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61ApCkzzCdL._SL1500_.jpg. The trim that I have had delivered look like this - Am I right in guessing that the clips should be there and I need to make a trip back to the dealer to see why they are not there?
  10. Irritating stereo alerts on MK7

    I beleive that you can turn off the Bluetooth all together. Go to your Menu Button and then SYNC Settings and you should see the option to turn it off and it will stop searching for devices therefore stopping the messages coming up. Unless you do want your phone connected to the car and it's not connecting, in which case I have no idea.
  11. Fiesta Red Edition

    I went with the Richbrook Ford branded ariel for my Red Edition. Got it from Amazon but you could probably find it elsewhere as well - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004AVWX46/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I've got the Hekos as well. They were very simple to fit and look very good IMO. The drivers side window activated the anti trap function when I put them on, but I just pulled them slightly away from the door and it was fine. Didn't need to use the clips either.
  12. Think I saw your car this morning in Dumfries, about 8:15 coming over Loganbarns bridge? I was in the Red Edition Fiesta heading the other way. Car looked great.

    1. M4RC


      Yeah from Dumfries so it would of been 👍. Ah right, I never noticed haha. Cheers, it's getting there :D

  13. Tilting front seat forward problem

    It is yeah. I work at the dealership where I got it from and our workshop is rammed full for the next few days. Just thought if it was an easy fix I could do it myself and save them the trouble.
  14. Went to move the rear seat forward so that I could put something in the back of my 3 door and when I pulled the handle the seat didn't move, so I pulled a bit harder and this happened. How do I fix this, is it easy or do I want to take it to a garage?