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  1. Hi all, what is the torque setting for the 46!! Cam cover bolts on the 2.5T (Volvo engine) on a 2007 mk4 mondeo thanks paul
  2. Hi there, so last night, foot went down a bit and about 200yrds down the road lost the power steering all of a sudden, then engine malfunction warning came up on the screen and the car just died, didn't hear anything because I had the stereo on but knew something was wrong. Once I pulled over, i opened the bonnet and checked for any noticeable damage, didn't see much, so I looked under the car and seen a long length of black string about 2 metres long hanging about, straight away I thought the drive belt, went back into the engine bay and using a light seen that the belt was essentially obliterated, (the photo shows what was left of the belt). Got the car home, and began the work. With no manual available for this engine made it a bit difficult but am down to the point that the crank pulley is off and this is where am at. the timing belt assembly is still in place, more parts of the belt that came to bits are getting found tangled up between the belt and timing belt pulley and behind it, I can only guess around the crank shaft. Before I was able to turn the crankshaft freely but now I have 90degrees of movement. I found this out when trying to line up the timing marks. The 2 cam sprockets are in unison, the bottom pulley I can see a marker which sticks out from the pulley and on the crank casing there is a mark at the 11 o'clock mark. Are these the correct timing marks? If so a think my timing has skipped and worried about bent valves. Is this an interference engine? Are these engines prone to damage other than bent valves? And if so anybody got an RS engine for sale lol just to clarify, the car is a mondeo 2.5T 220hp 2007 plate titanium x thanks paul
  3. 4WD Conversion Mondeo 2.5T TitaniumX

    Thanks for the feedback, will look into the volvo setups. Yeah it would be cheaper but where's the fun in that lol I did see that somebody did do it in mk3, figured hmmm not bad shout.
  4. 4WD Conversion Mondeo 2.5T TitaniumX

    No, no sell. This the wrong forum for project cars I take it? Not interested in jeeps and $hit.
  5. Awrite folks, has anybody carried out or know how to go about doing a 4WD conversion on a mondeo? !Removed! car can't keep wheels on the ground. Starting a project on my mondeo 2.5T, but pretty sure it's not the case of just getting a focus rs set up.
  6. Ford Mondeo mk4 2.5T Gearbox Ratios

    Thanks a lot mate
  7. Awrite folks, does anybody know the gear ratios through the box for the Mondeo 4 2.5T TitaniumX? Can't find it for the life of me.
  8. Have seen that my car has same engine as focus ST, is this accurate assumption? If I am looking for performance parts should I just look for focus ST parts? Is there any different mapping properties between Mondeo and focus? Thanks