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  1. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    Hi all, got a letter to get mine sorted today, booked it in for 4th of September. Dealer said there where 2 recalls on this model of focus, other one being transmission related, anyone know what that is?
  2. Focus 1.5 TDCI 0W-30 Oil

    Thanks all for your help, I'll get some 0w30 oil orderd then. I did a check my service paperwork and it says 5w30 was used :s Also says nothing in the book about 0w30 (dated 09/2014 on the back) image attached. Next gotta sort out the recall on this for the cam shafts sprocket thing.
  3. Focus 1.5 TDCI 0W-30 Oil

    Thanks Andy, where did you find out that Ford has changed the oil in this engine? What's the reason for the different weight change?
  4. Focus 1.5 TDCI 0W-30 Oil

    Hi All, I am looking at doing a 6 month oil change soon which is in between my services that i normally do every year, Having had a look on the Castrol site, it recomends "Magnatec Stop-Start 0W-30 D" if i put my reg in or search for for my car manually. in the book for my car it gives a few numbers for oil which i should use, this 0W-30 dosnt have this but has "Ford WSS-M2C950-A" E-bay oil link from castrol site Usually i would use the normal ford approved 5W-30 Castrol oil, Would this be better suited or give the 0W-30 a try? E-bay link for the 5W-30 Oil Car is end of march 2015 Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI, mileage is 20K and i do around 8 to 10k a year. Any more info needed just ask. Thanks.
  5. 2015 Ford Focus Starting Problem

    Here you go. If i knew how to cut video at the end before I uploaded it that be cool. Edit : turn volume up to hear engine turning over..
  6. 2015 Ford Focus Starting Problem

    Yeah I can, at work right now so give me a day or 2 and I can put it on youtube. Only turned car on to test new wipers and it had error. Lol
  7. 2015 Ford Focus Starting Problem

    OK, had car in yesterday and they was aliment there was no fault but updated the car anyway, I even video's it and they never seen it do this before. Only when the key isn't detected but that's a different error. Since my last post it's happened 4 or 5 times. Since I had the update yesterday I've been from dealer to work, work to home and from home to work. On startup this morning same thing happened again, what the f?! Next week when I'm back home I'm going to use the spare key and see if it's this which is the issue. Anyone else had this issue before?
  8. 2015 Ford Focus Starting Problem

    Thanks Andy. I'll give the dealer a call and see what response I get. I think it would be unlikely to be the fuel filter due to the mileage and age of the car, plus its mainly ran on shell v power diesel anyway. Also the car runs fine but recently the mpg has plummeted to mid 50s where normally it's just over 60 or so. This might be because of the cooler weather but not too sure?
  9. Hi All, I have got a 2015 MK3.5 Ford Focus 1.5 Tdci Titanium which has the push button start and its having issues some times when you want to start it. the issue is when you want to start the engine it will crank but not fire up, So if you hold the clutch down and press the start button it will turn the engine over but not fire up, trying it again does nothing and plugging in an ODB reader when this issue is still here it does not give any codes. Only way to get it to fire up is "turn it off then on again" like i do all day in my job in I.T I have had this occur 3 times so far, Once before its 2nd service, 2nd time a few days after 2nd service when i was taking the car back to the dealer where i had it done to have its brakes re bled (they was really poor after service) so i made the dealer aware of this and they couldn't find any issues and told me to let them know about it again if it happened as it might be a problem in the making? Both of these evens is where the car was stood for 9 hours or more. This happened a 3rd time this weekend but was when i was on the way home from the supermarket so the car was warm so can rule out a cold start problem? Personally i think this is a software problem with the immobiliser or the fuel system? Is there a way to check the software version of the engine etc like you can with the radio??? Has anyone came across this before and know how to fix it?? a little bit oh helpful information, auto stop start has been working so the battery voltage is good, whole car is stock, car currently just under 18,000 miles from new. Need anything else please let me know. Thanks
  10. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    I'm trying this at the moment, is it normal for it to be installing 3 of 16 for a long time? Been on this for 20 mins so far.
  11. MK3.5 Touch Radio Issue

    Hi All, Ive got a 2015 MK3.5 Focus Titanium with the touch screen radio and sat nav but i have an issue with it since i had it from new. Had its first service the other week and the dealer said they had reset it and to give it a try, but to be honest the issues wasnt fixed. the issue is the buttons below the sat nav do not glow up, they do very very rarely some time but 99% of the time they are in darkness. is there anything i could do to fix the issue or is this a return to the dealers? (When they do glow up, sometimes its just the power/volume button for the radio, even if the radio is on or off it dosnt light up the rest) i have tried doing a factory reset on the radio which did nothing and checked all the settings on the car dash screen but there was nothing. ...Also is there a way i could do an update on the radio? This is what its like at night with the lights on ( i can get a better image if need be?) Should be like this image i got from gogle images. Any ideas? Thanks