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  1. Very Poor on Fuel

    Have you ruled out possible differences in gearboxes and/or gear oil?
  2. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    Yeah, they depend on the panic buyer don't they? From the "Oh I'd better check my oil while I'm putting a tenner in, I haven't done it for a while.." to the "What's that flickering red light, where's me glasses Doris - Oh blimey that's the oil light - I'd better go to that garage around the corner!" Chances are, if the oil light's flickering, he'll have to buy two at that price. Kerching!!
  3. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    Well, £6 for 2 litres i.e. £3 per litre in Tesco is still cheap then isn't it whether or not £12 was overpriced?
  4. As per title, Fully synth £6/2 litre instead of £12, 5l screen wash £2.49, large WD40 £2.49 and others I can't remember. Looks like they're having a clear out of all sorts of discontinued stuff. Couldn't move for staff and their trollies. I thought they employed night staff to save getting in the way of paying punters! 😡 /rant
  5. DIY Tracking (String Method)

    Now I read the title of this post and my first thought was 'He's going to need a long bit of string!' Sorry. I'll get me coat
  6. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hi Johnny, It depends on where the scratch is. Autoglass advise as follows: "The windscreen is chipped or cracked. The maximum damage size is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision (a vertical strip 290mm wide centred on the steering wheel), 40mm elsewhere in the rest of the area swept by the wiper blades" DIY and pro repairs can be done to MOT standards
  7. Which is the best petrol

    Absolutely! I've a keyring somewhere with the Tiger motif. What benefit are you getting from 'the shots'?
  8. Which is the best petrol

    Aye, and the conical Redex dispensers. I remember my dad asking for "4 gallons and 4 shots please", then entering it into his little notebook that he kept in the map tray.
  9. Ford Focus mk2

    Take it back to the garage!
  10. Another powershift problem?

    'Powershift' = auto
  11. Am I weird because I like...?

  12. Ford fiesta

    Hi Ryan, You seem to have landed on the Focus forum. You will get better advice, probably, over on the Fiesta forum here: Ford Fiesta Club Good luck
  13. Would my Focus pass the MOT with the back seat down?

    Hi Mike, I had a Mondeo estate 3 yrs ago which I used for my work and it passed at least 2 MOTs with the rear seats down and stock in the back. I haven't got the old certs but from memory they just mark 'Not Available' or some such. I can't imagine that the law has changed...
  14. My registration certificate shows various codes including a AB12345 engine number. Hope that helps...
  15. 07 Focus Style Auto - what gearbox does it have?

    Ford Elis will tell you which box you have but '07 will have the 4F27E box, technically a '3 speed + overdrive' box. I have this transmission on a 1.6 petrol '10 plate and it does what it should do without drama. Changes are smooth under normal driving conditions but don't expect slick shifting under harsh acceleration. Good luck