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  1. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    What he says...
  2. Your battery is low

    Hi. I have no knowledge specifically of the Mk3 but something you might like to try based on my experience of changing these batteries professionally. Car remotes are generally trouble free but can sometimes be fussy about batteries. And once in a while a temperamental one comes along... One of mine is on a Mk2.5 but the warning goes away after I do this: Remove the battery and make sure all the internal contacts are clean. Clean the battery with a clean cloth/tissue and replace it avoiding touching the battery if possible. If you need to press it in, clean where you touched it. Give the contact on the other half a gentle clean before putting it back together. There's usually a time limit for leaving the battery out. Check your manual, you don't want to have to reprogram it. Good luck
  3. The Awkward Moment When...

    Interesting, thanks Wilco. Do you know if Vauxhall factors have them since GM took over servicing/spares for Saab?
  4. Dash Clock

    I say 'Tomato' you say 'Orange'... Irrespective of the colour, have you got an indicator stalk with a rotary switch around the end and a central push-button? If yes, turn ignition on. Turn switch until 'MENU' appears. Press central button. Turn switch until 'CLOCK' appears. Press button etc etc If LCD display ignore above and pray to the gods of GMT to put the clocks forward again. Or wait for someone more knowledgeable to pop up Or Google Good luck Out...
  5. Dash Clock

    Have you got a red LED display? If so it should be there. If LCD then I don't know
  6. DPF deleters, your days are numbered

    Er, and what about the thousands and thousands of people who live in housing with no off street parking? Has the infrastructure really been thought through?
  7. Dash Clock

    Isn't manual clock change in the menu accessible from the indicator stalk? Mine is, 2010 model. Maybe your earlier model has a different system..?
  8. Focus 1.6 2007/08 Auto HELP TO BUY

    Hi. I've got 10 plate Titanium with the old 1.6 engine without VVT, with the, also old fashioned, torque converter 4 speed auto box. Both are supposed to be reasonably reliable. I have a theory that engines stuck to auto boxes are less likely to be overworked or thrashed as the auto won't let it happen! Anyway, only my pet theory... I've had it 18 months now and had no trouble with it at all, and only had to buy tyres for it in the time I've had it - other than service items and MOT.
  9. Focus Titanium X

    I've read here that the 2 litre petrol also has the DCT450 box.
  10. Focus v Mondea Comfort

    Hi Kelvin, I used to own a 54 plate Mondeo TDCi estate, I now own a 10 plate 1.6 petrol Focus hatchback, both automatic. As regards comfort, I would say the Mondeo every time despite the age differences between my 2 cars! The Mondeo is a bigger, more expensive more refined car. The Focus is widely criticised on this forum for the various rattles that plague it along with relatively poor sound proofing. The Mondeo was very quiet despite the diesel engine. My Focus is a Titanium, the Mondeo was poverty spec LX but still had things that my newer Focus lacks like electric seat adjustment, push-button ventilation control (not climate control, that came with up-market variants), five speed Durashift Automatic box, (my Focus has old-fashioned but reliable 4 speed torque-converter box). Conversely the Focus has auto-lights (dubious benefit) and auto wipers (ditto) and fog lights (ditto again). Having said all that, I love the Focus despite the old fashioned engine and gearbox. They're both supposed to be reliable though and I've had nil trouble with either up to now. It's a smaller, more nimble car than the boat-like Mondeo estate. Besides, the 2 litre diesel Mondeo would be totally wrong now I'm retired and don't do the motorway work that it thrives on. So, good luck, I hope you get some more opinions..
  11. Mondeo mk4 2.0 petrol issues (A0BA engine)

    Profuse apologies, I wasn't aware of the protocol. (Blimey Stoney, that was quick!) Not my experience I'm glad to say. I wasn't troubled by idiots at all when I asked for help there as a Mondeo Mk3 owner. That was a good while ago though. Maybe Mondeo Mk3 owners were/are old fogeys and the lippy nerks confined themselves to the 'yoof' motors' forums?
  12. Mondeo mk4 2.0 petrol issues (A0BA engine)

    Hi. You have posted your problem in the Focus forum. You will get a better response if you post your question again here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/13-ford-mondeo-vignale-club/ (unless a mod might like to move it - Hint!) You could also try talkford.co.uk Good luck
  13. cambelt change due

    Your Member of Parliament benefits from similar facilities at his place of work, as do members of 'The Other Place'
  14. Very Poor on Fuel

    Have you ruled out possible differences in gearboxes and/or gear oil?
  15. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    Yeah, they depend on the panic buyer don't they? From the "Oh I'd better check my oil while I'm putting a tenner in, I haven't done it for a while.." to the "What's that flickering red light, where's me glasses Doris - Oh blimey that's the oil light - I'd better go to that garage around the corner!" Chances are, if the oil light's flickering, he'll have to buy two at that price. Kerching!!