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  1. Wing Mirror closing issues

    Thanks for replying Steve. I imagine that's the case. I took it in again yesterday and they said the same thing, that they can't find what's wrong with it and won't admit it's an internal fault. Grrrrr! I'm getting a Haynes and taking it to bits myself, and taking pictures of what I find - if it looks suspicious - I might come to the same conclusion as the dealers but I would have liked to watch them doing it yesterday, I'm interested anyway as I'm a biker and always like to get involved with repairs and so on : ) Thanks again. Might have better luck with an independant garage I suppose!
  2. Hi there, I'm new and after any insight as to why my nearside mirror won't behave. It started clicking about ten days ago - realised that once closed (during locking) it continued trying to close, 'falling over' itself and clicking in the process. Clicks about 6 times then gives up. Happens every time I lock it. Took it to dealer as still under warranty (under a year old - it's the 07 Climate model) and they said it wasn't covered because it has exterior damage. I noticed it has a tiny chip out of the plastic beneath the painted section, about a cm wide - but no marks around this to suggest it has been knocked or hit. I don't recall knocking it and neither does my mother who also drives it. The paint is unmarked, just one little section of black casing is somehow gone like someone's taken a chisel to it. The guy from service who gave m,e the keys back agreed it was odd, but it has only occurred to me since that perhaps the chip was caused by the fault, ie a part within is knocking or exerting pressure on the casing, so over time has knocked out a little piece? Does this sound at all plausible, and if so is there a way I could demonstrate to our dealer that this is an effect of the fault and not a cause? I might be way off but am atruggling to see how the chip has been caused. I didn't see it when the fault originally caught my attention, which leads me to suspect it may have occurred later. Any thoughts appreciated.