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  1. Air Con issue

    Low pressure switch is a doodle to change...its next to the fill point just undo with a spanner. One way valve so gas will not escape. High pressure is a bit harder to reach...just down the left hand side of the rad. Follow the aluminium pipe down and you will see it
  2. Belt installation

    Buy the conti tech kit with aux belt and steering belt that has the tool in it Tried and failed the steering belt twice then got the kit with the tool and took 5 mins
  3. Locate air filter on fusion 1.6 tdci 2006

    £5 delivered off ebay for a Fram air filter
  4. Changing anti roll bar bushes without taking sub frame off

    Maybe post in the fiesta forum..as it should be the same
  5. Changing anti roll bar bushes without taking sub frame off

    I'd like to know the answer to this as well as mine is a bit creaky at the front when going over speed bumps. had a look and there doesn't seem much room for a spanner to undo the clamps
  6. Power steering fluid

    Any power steering fluid will be fine
  7. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch (Again)

    Looks good What paint did you use Did you sand it down?
  8. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch (Again)

    Sorry, didn't mean it to be blunt... I thought you had broken the clips to get it out...once you've done it a few times it's fairly straightforward. As for the coating on the lid...keep us informed...I've vinywrapped mine and the first time I used Matt black wrap which looked spot on, until the sun shone on it and the heat made it bubble up terribly. Gave up on the 3rd attempt as kept doing the same. So i bought some in your face carbon fibre wrap...which I don't prticularly like the look of...but it's been in 3 weeks and through our mini heatwave and there isn't bubble in sight!
  9. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch (Again)

    Sorry..but you are doing this wrong I've had mine out at least 10times and caused no damage...touch wood You need to remove the 2 screws at the back Then get 2 flat short screwdrivers and push them into the 2slots at the front inside...then gently prise them open and ram the screwdrivers in..upto the handle. Then half close the lid and gently pull from the front..upwards. It will come out unharmed... Shame about the crappy coating on top..I've tried vinyl wrapping it.
  10. Anyone in the Essex area that can recommend a garage to do the belt and pump and have a rough idea of cost? I've done a couple of cambelt before but it looks a bit awkward and I'm wary of the chain drive too
  11. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    Mine averages 55mpg doing a brim to brim calculation but indicates 60mpg.on screen. That's a mix of town and motorway...I'm happy with that with £30 road tax its cheap motoring
  12. Wont Start -- 2009 1.6 zetec tdci

    There is only 4 relays iirc. Think it was the grey, pretty easy to trace the wires from fan to which relay
  13. Wont Start -- 2009 1.6 zetec tdci

    As said above It's the relay sticking I'm the box.next to that battery. Had the same problem on my 2009 tdci It would have drained the battery without doubt as 12v will struggle to turn over... Need nearer 13v.. I pulled the relay and opened it up and cleaned with electrical contact cleaner ..been fine since.