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  1. Induction kit

    I run the k&n filter with removable baffle that uses existing airbox. U get a nice little induction roar when at higher revs..
  2. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    Very true. I do like the handling on mine. Yes I miss rwd but I do like a nicely balanced fwd car esp with a bit of Lift of oversteer lol
  3. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    Cud be just ford bein ford not recommending low ash oil. But it won't hurt Ur engine to run it.. Personally I'd run the Total Quartz..
  4. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    I had the same engine my C4 vtr+. Non dpf and I used Total Quartz INEO 5W-30 Low saps. It was Citroen recommend for my car but since the engines are the same ud think it wud be fine in the focus.

    What was fitting like for the pedals?

    Like the pedals. Where did u get them? I'm changing my stock Sony dab unit soon as I've upgraded my speakers and im going down route of amp and sub.

    Cheers they look better when they and the tyres r clean!!

    I was looking at them. Seem well made and a gd price.

    My 2010 Titanium 2.0 facelift.. ST rear spoiler, tinted windows and powder coated alloys. Zetec S front upper and lower grills & soon to have front splitter fitted.
  10. Noisy AC ???

    If it's like mine then when you fit it you use the supplied tool to guide it into the pulleys.. no pivots on either end
  11. Oil change frequency

    Think it comes down to personal preference. I do 4k a yr and do my oil n filter every 6mth regardless of milage. But also cause alot of my trips r short distance.
  12. New exhaust for a 1.8 Petrol Titanium on a 2008 plate ?

    Course u can just fit the rear pipe. The garage is talking nonsense. Like the above post says buy the tail pipe piece with clamp and some gd exhaust gasket. Measure twice how far back you cut then cut once. Apply gasket and clamp.. it can be fiddly due to access but it is doable. doesn't matter that the stock system is 1 piece from Flexi pipe it's just garages and ford wanting you to spend more than u need to!.. I've got a mk2.5 2.0 petrol and my tail pipe is in a similar state as yours. Not gone yet but will soon I'm sure. Already got the new pipe bought ready!
  13. MK2.5 alloy size question

    Just a quick query regarding my MK2.5 Titanium 2.0. it currently sits on stock 16" 20 spoke alloys which I've had powder coated.. stock suppension.. I don't like the gap from arches to the wheels and while I know fitting 18" will fill the gap better what's the affect on handling and Speedo reading, mpg etc.. and do i need to fit the steering rack limited or are 18" ok with stock suppension. Also what about 17"?
  14. Which is the best petrol

    Personally I only use Sainsbury's super unleaded on my 2010 2.0 Titanium. It's only 1-2p more than regular unleaded. I avoid Morrison's like the plague! Every 5 tanks I stick a tank of shell v power nitro into it. But I do use miller's additive with every tank..
  15. I really need help choosing tyres.

    Ive had ventus prime 2's on a previous car and they were very gd so i assume the 3's shud be as gd. Good wet grip.. good wear rate and on the dry very confidence inspiring.