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  1. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    I agree u shouldnt be afraid to rev it past that but all my experience of driving diesel and turbo'd petrol engined cars says that a non turbo will lose out from a standing start, esp with modern turbo'd engines.. I know there are alot of factors to take into account too but in general a N/A engined focus ain't got the instant grunt.
  2. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    I agree with the above post. Non turbo engines need revving harder than get into the power band, get my 2.0 to 3500rpm n above and she flies. As for not revving past 5000, it will be fine unless there is a serious engine fault. If you are saying the vibration is bad when you do that have you checked ur engine mounts? Could have one going if it's that bad.. But simple fact is a turbo'd petrol or diesel will leave a non turbo petrol standing if both r floored from a standing start
  3. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    I wa gonna say the 1.6 ain't built for speed so I doubt however you rev it you won't be doing 10s 1/4 miles lol Saying that my MK2.5 2.0 petrol still needs reving to get it going, from a standstill it isn't as fast as my m8s 1.4 TSI golf. But again, smaller lighter car with a turbo. Once I'm up n into 2nd 3rd etc reel him in..
  4. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    Where did u take it for the latest management software update? Did u go to your local dealer? If so how much did they charge you? Only asking cause my MK2.5 2.0 hasn't had an update for a while.

    Well took car in today to Source Sounds in Sheffield, had new headunit fitted. So let me introduce you all to the Kenwood DMX7017 DAB... Android Auto and Apple car play ready, DAB ready, mechless.. all in all think it looks very smart and the audio improvement is night and day over the stock Sony DAB it had in it. Which is now on eBay!!

    Gr8 minds think alike!!! Will be more pics of mine tomorrow as it's going in for a headunit upgrade.
  7. Mk2 Focus Front Break discs Size

    Brembo disc and pads on my 2010 2.0. think I paid £100 approx from eurocarparts Inc discount.. they r very good. I agree avoid cheap parts, 1.4, 1.6 & 1.8 are 278mm 2.0 is 300mm
  8. Oil changes

    Personally, I change oil n filter on my mk2.5 2.0 twice a year regardless of milage, think ford say every 10-12k or once a yr but if you do lots of short journeys then more regular changes can help keep your engine in good condition.. As for engine flush, again personally I don't use one, just make sure engine is nice and warm when oil is drained and car is level so you can get as much of the old out as possible.. would it hurt to use a flush, no, but again ppl on here might have different opinion.
  9. Advice on cracked hose.

    The hose from the airbox to the throttle body.. Easy to replace it is just held on by jubilee clips either end and just pulls off once they are loosened. I changed mine few MTH back think it was about £15 off eBay..
  10. MK2.5 power socket under armrest faulty?

    Nice one thanks for quick reply.. I do wonder why ford labelled the cover like that lol
  11. So I've gone to plug my phone charger into the 12v 10amp power outlet that is under my central armrest, next to the usb socket. But there is alot of movement when the the charger is plugged in, tried a few others all the same, it does look worn, the socket, so my question is if I change the socket is it just a normal cig socket or is it a special socket since it says it's a power outlet 12v 10amp on the cover?
  12. Focus Mk2.5

    Do they? Can't say I get bad motorway road noise from mine, I do agree with the sound deadening though. It's shocking as standard If the mount has gone it needs replacing though and cud be the cause of his dash vibrating depending on its condition etc..
  13. Focus Mk2.5

    Hi and welcome to the forum.. If the mount has failed and by the sound of it yes it cud very well have or be about to, then it can cause the engine to vibrate and for u to feel it through the dash. I'd replace it asap as the other mounts will be being stressed more to take the extra strain so cud have premature wear on them.
  14. Very Poor on Fuel

    As above posts have said there cud be lots of variables which can affect mpg but there does seem to be something a miss there. My mk2.5 2.0 titanium normally gets low to mid 30s round town and then mid 40s when on a long run. That's with 55k on clock and twice a year oil change monthly checked tyre pressures new air filter and plugs. 16" alloys though. While I'd expect larger alloys to decrease mpg wudnt think by that much.. Silly question is it the same fuel in each. As in bought from same garage? Using additive in 1 not the other?
  15. Induction kit

    I run the k&n filter with removable baffle that uses existing airbox. U get a nice little induction roar when at higher revs..