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  1. Uneven tyre wear?

    Hit a pothole and got 1 tyre changed and tracking re done, car was drifting to one side for a few months after that, the new tyre i got was different from others but they tried switching it to different sides of car / front and back. I have stock suspension. It could be pressure, ill go to garage and see
  2. Can someone tell me what could be causing this/ is this normal or? Inside of my tyre is looking balder by the day, where as the outside looks normal? Cars only done 12.5k miles and the other front tyre doesnt look like this. Any help appreciated.
  3. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    Although, did find this online from wigan police, bearing in mind I am in scotland but could the same apply? 3. With regard to Clearways in general, under Section 5 (1) Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, it is an offence for a person except upon the direction or with the permission of a police constable in uniform to cause or permit any vehicle to wait on any of those main carriageways forming part of a 'specified trunk road' (The vehicle must not be on the carriageway, it may stop in a lay-by or completely on the verge). There are several exemptions to that specific regulation, notably for fire, police or ambulance purposes. Safety Cameras in Wiltshire & Swindon are operated by the police. N W Blencowe Acting Inspector, Safety Camera Unit.
  4. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    This is nothing about hating coppers or anything like that, its more the principle of the situation, if one of us did that, we'd get the police chapping on our windows/ fines or whatever. Just because its a police vehicle doesn't mean it can make the law up as it goes along right? Theres no dropped kerb and there was no emergency..........to me that seems like an illegally parked vehicle ( parked being : engine off, stationary vehicle)
  5. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    There is no dropped curb anywhere along that whole road...so illegal then?
  6. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    A police van manned by a civilian not in an emergency....just funny because if it was one of us i can bet we would be moved on.
  7. Is this Police Speed van parked legally?

    What would be interesting is if i parked there and see how long it takes to be moved on. Nah i was going 27/30 in the 30 zone. Started getting paranoid when i took pictures as the guy was giving me funny looks, probably edit the tape to say i was speeding
  8. Hi all, Can someone tell me if this police speed van is parked legally? Its on a grass verge on a public footpath neatly hidden behind a bus stop
  9. taking the badges off is pretty easy mate ;boiling water, pour it over it, get some fishing line and slowly move it up and down and across and it will take the sticky back off the car. Take it easy though as you dont want the paint coming off too. Lights for rear reg plate - Eba, make sure they are LED ones, they're super bright.
  10. Word Game

    bank manager
  11. Word Game

    Beans sprouts
  12. Private plate on lease car?

    I'm sure Im not a lease, lets hope not..
  13. Is it worth it?

    PCP yep sorry. I don't know if I fancy another ford just now. Will be my second car so feel like a change but can't decide if its worth the hassle of selling privately.. Thanks for input.
  14. So in a years time I hand my car back as its a lease job. I have the option of paying 6200 to keep it or just handing back and cutting ties. I was looking online and my car seems to have a decent resell rate, 3 years old with only around 30k miles selling for 8k ish? Would it be worth taking out a loan/using savings buying the car outright and selling for 8k+ and getting some "profit"/ money ive put into the car over the years? Opinions?
  15. Private plate on lease car?

    So when i go to hand car back do I give them the old plates or what? I don't understand how it works to be honest.