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  1. Hi mate weve got some for £20 I work at ford salvage in barnsley gis a ring and we will send you one or you can collect, Thanks Andy 01226 717401
  2. Hi mate its either temp gauge on temp sensor
  3. Go for the fiesta rs turbo engine, get a 90 spec xr3i wiring loom and bobs ya uncle or and fuel pump in tank wants changing for xr2i one
  4. Hi all, Just painted my escort rs 2000 Van & modified the rear wheel arches to allow the focus rs wheels to fit properly, Got some half leather recaros to fit, Just want some ideas on what else to do to it ( got a few ideas myself but wanted some ideas off other people too Cheers
  5. Another 1 of my Cars - This one is my Escort Gti in State Blue & as mint as they get
  6. Another 1 of my Cars - This one is my Escort Gti in State Blue & as mint as they get
  7. Another pic of my Escort Rs2000 Van with the Focus Rs wheels fitted now the inner arches have been modified Ill add some more pics as i build it up this week
  8. Another pic of my Escort Rs2000 Van ( engine bay bit dusty ) Ill add some more pics as i build it up this week
  9. Hi mate, Ive got a 08 plate Fiesta Zetec S with the same problem, Its only covered 18k and already the break dust has started to eat in to the paint and send them yellow, I work at ford and i can tell you that youd be better off having them refurbed ( By a decent firm ) because by the time ford have looked into it and youve spent hours on the phone and writing letters to customer support they will only offer you around £30 - £50 for you to get them done, All the late fords suffer really badly from either staining or flaky paint on alloys (mainly front 2 )
  10. DONT DO IT MATE - Stick to genuine ford stuff - These cheap fibre glass kits are a knightmare to fit and the slightest knock and its foooooooooooked
  11. Its mainly down to jelous noooooobs or if you park dodgy it reallyyy pi*******eeessss ya offff
  12. :PWell done M8 Just dont get too carried away cos the rozzas love new drivers & points dont allways mean prizes lol
  13. My Escort Rs2000 Van ( nearley Finished ) Runs Perfect, Just wants a few hours build time
  14. Hi mate, Its better to service it once a year then just change oil and filter half way through the year just to be on the safe side, It really depends on what sort of milage youre doing, The more miles you do the more servicing youll need Cheers
  15. Hi all, New today. I currently have a Escort Rs2000 Van ( my project ) ill add pics asap. its imperial blue with 18 inch focus rs wheels Only painted it on saturday so its covered up while i put it back together ill add pics as i go, Thanks Andy