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  1. Would it just be this i need? Or this as well?
  2. these are the coilovers im looking at:|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2006|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II|Cars+Type%3A1.6&epid=1146506666&hash=item3f70438b5e:g:YtUAAOSwEzxYPBku from the look of it i will need to get camber plates? or would it be a straight fit?
  3. My shock absorber has seen better days so im looking at upgrading to a set of coilovers. I dont want to reuse anything from the old shock (dont have the tools to take it apart without killing someone). What would be needed for the new build other that coilovers and camber plate?
  4. I love it. Makes the car look 100x better in my opinion
  5. Looking to lower 30mm but one shock is dead and others on the way out which is why I was looking at coilovers to get both jobs done
  6. Hey guys, I have a ford focus 2006 1.6 LX. Looking at getting a set of coil overs that aren't going to break the bank. What do you guys think of these:|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2006&epid=510716392&hash=item3f740e4027:g:1pQAAOSw241Yg2hM
  7. I was driving down a very steep hill today and my check engine light started flashing at me. As soon as I got onto flat ground it went off. any idea what this could have been?
  8. Ford Focus lx 2006. No warning lights or codes. It will do it hot or cold, it's random when it happens
  9. My car occasionally won't tick over and start up when I try and turn the car on. All I have to do it take the key out and try again and it will come on first time. Sometimes it starts up then the revs drop straight away and the car cuts out. What could be causing this?
  10. My tailpipe exhause bracket snapped all the way through not too long ago. I didn't even think about the front one going haha. Will give it a check
  11. When I take of in my car I occasionally hear a grinding noise or a loud bang. It never happens when the car is already moving only when taking off. It doesn't happen every time either. Does anyone know the cause of this?
  12. Circle?
  13. What size speakers is it front and back for a Ford Focus mk2?
  14. I wasn't just curious about what people do. Obviously there are people on this fourm with very nice cars that they would have worked hard for. I was just wondering what is is people actually do for a living
  15. I'm looking for a new job to fund my focus but unsure what to go for. So so the question is what jobs do you guys have? How long have you had it? And do you enjoy it?