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  1. Eibach Springs

    I will be purchasing new shock absorbers and lowering springs very soon. Will i need spring compressors to install the eibach springs or not?
  2. Eibach Springs

    Im looking at lowering my car around 30mm. The eibach springs i'm looking at say they are for a focus mk2 1.6 hatchback with 115PS. My question is how do i know what PS my vehicle is??
  3. Where is it?

    Im looking at servicing my car soon but i have no idea where the oil filter is located. I've looked all over the place for it but unable to find it. I've attached a photo of the same engine bay as mine. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. Rear strut mounting

    Was meant to quote eddie in that one but forgot to and have no clue how to delete it so just resent underneath with him quoted :)
  5. Rear strut mounting

    They fit but i've already ordered some from elsewhere haha. Just wasn't sure if i needed to remove the interior panel to get nuts on the other side or not. Thanks anyway :)
  6. Rear strut mounting

    Its the two bolts at the top i wasn't sure about if id have to get under the interior panel to put a nut on the other side. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Rear strut mounting

    I'm looking at replacing the rear struts and mounting plates soon on my mk2. Does the mounting plate screw straight in or is there bolts behind the interior trim ill need to get to?
  8. The Ins and Outs of my Focus TDCi (2008)

    Yeah its copyright reasons. They look good to me, just depends how much you're willing to spend to change some colours haha. They do pop up of ebay fairly often just have to keep an eye out.
  9. The Ins and Outs of my Focus TDCi (2008)

    From what i heard Ford clamped down on these hard so they can be difficult to come across
  10. Service

    Where is the oil filter located?
  11. Service

    That makes more sense. I've had a lot of people tell me that there is no changeable oil filter which sounded strange to me. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. air filter

    Having a look at upgrading my air filter and decided to have a look to see if the box can be upgraded or not. Was wondering if the rs box lid would fit a standard focus or not?
  13. Service

    Thought that was the case. Thanks for confirming. :)
  14. Service

    My annual service is due soon and i plan on doing it myself to save some £££ Am i right is saying the 1.6 engine on the mk2 focus doesn't have a changeable oil filter like most other cars?
  15. The Ins and Outs of my Focus TDCi (2008)

    Someone please correct me if i'm wrong.. 1. Facelift mk2.5 2.If you want pre facelift parts it can be done but there is a lot to it. E.G. to change the front bumper you would also have to change the front wings, bonnet and lights. 3. couldn't tell you 4.A google search will find you a lot of aftermarket parts. Ebay is good for most parts. 5.Not from the area 6. I'd go LED 7. 5x108