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  1. I had my clutch replaced two days ago and the mechanic that did it for me said he noticed that both my front ball joins were knocking and there was play in the rear passenger side bearings. How much do do you guys believe I should be looking to pay to get this fixed?
  2. So would you need a brand new box if you were to get a cylinder air filter? Or does it not need a box?
  3. I will definitely not be paying that much for labour. I'll find someone to do it nice and cheap like I always do. That's the plus side of mobile mechanics ;)
  4. I've got a focus mk2 lx 1.6 ill hopefully have someone out tomorrow to give to give it a look over and a price. Will i I still be okay to drive it?
  5. Should that have been something that should have been picked up on a mot? how much am I going to be looking at for a new one?
  6. Anyone any idea what is up with my car. I can't accelerate without the revs jumping straight up to 4000. I have to very slowly accelerate pushing the pedal down only about 2/10 of the way
  7. Zetec s is what I'm hoping for 2.0l, 5 door and white. They are beautiful
  8. I love the 2.5 I want to get one in white but can't find a 2l
  9. So I had a look today and it's not connected 😫 What would I have to do to get this wired in? And why would there be wires behind where the button should be?
  10. I tried having a quick look today during my break at work but didn't have the correct ratchet set with me to remove the windscreen wipers. I can see there is the strip on the passenger side and will be checking both sides properly tomorrow. Does there need to be one each side for it to be connected properly?
  11. My bar had corroded all the way through so much that it didn't even have the bend round the pipe. It just went straight down 😂
  12. Mk1 is definitely my least favourite and I agree rs mk2 looks the best by far
  13. What's everyone's favourite and why? Ive always been a huge fan of the mk2 because of the shape of the vehicle. I think it looks the nicest by far. Was as just wondering what everyone else thought
  14. I had the same problem just before my mot and they ended up welding it on. No damage to the pipe at all and only cost like £30
  15. How do I go about taking this off? Having a look and just don't want to break anything 😂