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  1. The Ins and Outs of my Focus TDCi (2008)

    Someone please correct me if i'm wrong.. 1. Facelift mk2.5 2.If you want pre facelift parts it can be done but there is a lot to it. E.G. to change the front bumper you would also have to change the front wings, bonnet and lights. 3. couldn't tell you 4.A google search will find you a lot of aftermarket parts. Ebay is good for most parts. 5.Not from the area 6. I'd go LED 7. 5x108
  2. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    So was that a leave the rust or scrape it off? haha
  3. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    So do i just suck the water out and leave the orange tango stuff in there? or scrape it off?
  4. There is a lot of orange residue in the spark plug hole and i was wondering if anyone knew what would cause this? Is is bad for the engine? and how should i go about cleaning it out? Thanks,
  5. Screws

    I'm more worried about damaging the thread for where the screws go haha
  6. Screws

    Was under the hood today and was trying to remove some of the plastic screws. Some of them came out no problem but others just kept spinning. Any idea how I can get them out?
  7. coilovers or uprated struts and lowering springs?|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2006|Cars+Type%3A1.6&hash=item5b3b24ee96:g:PpgAAOSwd3dZX0-a These??
  8. coilovers or uprated struts and lowering springs?

    so what shocks and springs would you guys recommend?
  9. Now before anyone mentions it, i know cheap coilovers are not amazing hah. The question is if they would be better than getting uprated shocks and lowering springs. Only looking to spend a few hundred on these was just looking for recommendations and opinions.
  10. miles per tank

    I used to do all motorway and get about 350. now is pretty much all city
  11. miles per tank

    I was having a look at my vehicle on parkers and it states i should be getting 508 miles per tank. Im lucky if i get 300 per tank. Does anyone know how accurate this is? what is everyone else getting? What can be done to increase miles per tank?
  12. coilovers - Whats needed Would it just be this i need? Or this as well?
  13. coilovers - Whats needed

    these are the coilovers im looking at:|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2006|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II|Cars+Type%3A1.6&epid=1146506666&hash=item3f70438b5e:g:YtUAAOSwEzxYPBku from the look of it i will need to get camber plates? or would it be a straight fit?
  14. coilovers - Whats needed

    My shock absorber has seen better days so im looking at upgrading to a set of coilovers. I dont want to reuse anything from the old shock (dont have the tools to take it apart without killing someone). What would be needed for the new build other that coilovers and camber plate?
  15. Focus MK2 RS rear spoiler

    I love it. Makes the car look 100x better in my opinion