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  1. Is there a gap at all around the radio and trim? If so it may still be this. If not it could possibly be something small behind? Like the adapter? Try taping it to something so it can move and drive. See if it makes any difference
  2. I have a aftermarket radio but no cage to secure it so it's sat in there loosely. When driving at speed it vibrates making the noise. Only fix I can think of is to secure the radio properly
  3. Stock radio or not? ive got a after market double din and get the same noise that I found comes from that as if I hold the top of it there is no noise
  4. Yeah I have a panel filter. Was hoping to swap it for a cone filter. Would it be possible?
  5. im looking at upgrading my air filter to a cone kn filter but am unsure of if it will fit in my current airbox or not. I dont think it will as i have this Can anyone link me to the correct air box i will need? or will it not need one as i cant find anything on the kn website about an air box. Thanks
  6. mine is used 24/7 with my dash cam and have never had a problem
  7. I've had a mechanic tell me that in order to replace my ball joints he would change the whole lower arm and another tell me the ball joints are just clip on? which would be correct for a 2006 Focus mk2?
  8. My steering wheel is vibrating a lot recently. It mainly happens when I accelerate at 50mph+ when I last had a mechanic drive me car I was advised my front ball joints and rear far side bearings are going. would this be happening due to the ball joints or bearing? And if not then what could be causing it? Sometimes I can feel the vibrations on the pedals and floor too
  9. I'm looking at fitting another cigarette lighter in my car and was wondering if I can just wire it from the old one or is there an easier way to wire it in?
  10. Hey guys. Been having a look at induction kits and I believe this would be the correct one for my car i drive a Ford Focus mk2 2006 lx 1.6 petrol manual. Just wanted confirmation before I invest any money and also wanted to check that this is all I'll need. Thanks :)
  11. I've had all my heat shilds off for a good 6 months or so now. No problems at all so you will be fine leaving it off :)
  12. I had my clutch replaced two days ago and the mechanic that did it for me said he noticed that both my front ball joins were knocking and there was play in the rear passenger side bearings. How much do do you guys believe I should be looking to pay to get this fixed?
  13. So would you need a brand new box if you were to get a cylinder air filter? Or does it not need a box?
  14. I will definitely not be paying that much for labour. I'll find someone to do it nice and cheap like I always do. That's the plus side of mobile mechanics ;)
  15. I've got a focus mk2 lx 1.6 ill hopefully have someone out tomorrow to give to give it a look over and a price. Will i I still be okay to drive it?