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  1. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Interesting, I'll give that ago. Thanks
  2. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Thanks for your responses guys. the scratch in question is right in the centre of the windscreen so I dont think shorter wipers would do the trick unfortunately. Inside the car its almost impossible to spot unless you really look for it and I wouldn't class it as a obstruction at all. My MOT is months away, in February so I'll take your advice and worry about it later lol. Thanks anyway mate!
  3. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey Adrian, Its right in the centre just under the rear view mirror. The snippet you sent is regarding chips or cracks, mine is more of a scratch. When I run my finger over it I cant feel a dip. I found the following snippet in section 8.3 of the MOT Manual: "Scratches on the windscreen, i.e. light surface scratching, are not to be considered as damage. However, an area of concentrated scratching such as caused by the prolonged use of a defective wiper blade which obscures vision is to be considered a Reason for Rejection if it meets the fail criteria" Hopefully the scratch falls under that criteria!
  4. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey All, I was driving along the seafront today and all of a sudden a squashed tin can flew into my windscreen as I was doing around 25MPH. Its left a scratch on my windscreen would this cause a MOT failure? When i run my finger over it I cant feel a dent or a crack so I assume its just a scratch. I've attached a pic to make it abit more clear. Thanks
  5. Focus Bonnet Not Opening

    I wish I saw this a year ago! I had to pay £130 to get mine changed 😞
  6. Cooling fan constantly running

    Ford dealers always go for the sledgehammer approach lol. I suggest getting a second opinion (maybe even at a different ford dealer since its free). No way you need to replace the body module for that! Bet they are laughing all the way to the bank with repairs like that 🙄
  7. Coolant leak

    A mate of mine had this and it took them ages to find it! In the end they used some sort of coloured solution and just followed the trail of colour to find where the leak was.
  8. Mirror/indicator fault

    Dont suppose you guys found a fix to this?
  9. Focus Mk2 1.8 tdci

    Come across this question before; Fords official stance is that it stays on to make sure no stones or anything else causes damaged to the system! (aka gets in). Dont see how any of thats true though lol
  10. Check coolant level hot or cold?

    Thanks mate
  11. Rattle sound from dashboard

    I think its something inside thats just come lose. Im planning to take mine off some time soonish and have a look. Alot of people with the same issue as us have taken it off and taken it appart and put it back together and its as good as new. Currently got mine covered with tape, such a good feeling to have that annoying sound gone lol
  12. Check coolant level hot or cold?

    Yep unfortunately really 🤔. I was always under the impression the closer to the max line the better but since then ive been told conflicting things.
  13. Check coolant level hot or cold?

    Thanks mate - should I fill it to the max level or just in the middle between min and max?
  14. Check coolant level hot or cold?

    Hey All, Just wondering should I check my engine coolant level when its hot or cold? I was just driving around and decided to check the level and saw that its on the "MIN" mark. Should I top it up or shall I wait until the engine is cool then check the level again? Thanks
  15. Am I getting shafted?

    £90 to have a look at it?! Are you sure mate? Whenever I have any tiny fault I always call my Ford dealer and have them look at my car (its free). They print me out a report with part numbers and quoted labour time to fix whatever they find. If your nearest Ford garage charge that much just to look at it then call the next one abit further out. Infact call Dinages in Worthing (my local ford dealer) get them to agree to look at it for free then push back to your local and ask them what the heck is going on?! £90 to look at it thats madness