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  1. Injector issue

    £620 all in , parts ,labour , diagnostic n new fuel filter
  2. Injector issue

    Problem solved , 2 injectors where knackered. No more juddering on light throttle and car a lot quieter
  3. Injector issue

    I had a software update when I ad a remap thinking this was the problem, but still no diff . Even had the Egr valve deleted just incase . So I'm deffo thinking injectors are the problem now
  4. Injector issue

    It's very annoying ant it , wud like to get this prob sorted
  5. Injector issue

    Problems are there noisy , and got a judder at 2k rpm on steady throttle , judder clears if I accelerate out of it , seem worse when car has warmed up
  6. Injector issue

    Yea I thought the same , Iv read a few topics on 08-09 fords wiv seimens injectors ending in number 3 , these are fitted to my focus , cheers
  7. Injector issue

    Hi been told I have knackered injectors. Plugged into forscan but no codes do these figures look correct for a 1.8 tdci 2009 thanks
  8. 1.8 TDCI running costs?

    Mines the same bout 100-120 miles from full to 3 quarters tank ,mixed driving n it's been remapped
  9. Juddering round 2k rpm

    Hi , I av a focus 1.8tdci 2009 that judders at around 2k rpm on light throttle at a steady speed , if I accelerate it clears . Seems worse when the car is up to temp. the cars been remapped with the Egr deleted n blanked , fuel filter been changed , no fault codes . Forte fuel cleaner been added to Any suggestions as what causes this ,cheers
  10. Help needed new wheels ford focus 2009 MK2

    Think ur need 225/40/18 tyres with n offset of 52 for the alloys
  11. 18" wheel change

    Looks smart 👍
  12. 18" wheel change

    I av the zetec S wiv st alloys , I don't av any stops on mine n there's no issues wiv rubbing , what front spoiler u got on there ?
  13. Juddeing at 1800rpm

    Cheers for reply , garage fitted the injector n said they programmed it , so I'm presuming it was done properly , ill check engine mounts n hoses , and hopefully it'll turnt out to be an easy fix 👍
  14. Juddeing at 1800rpm

    Hi my focus 09 1.8 tdci judders at 1800rpm when the engine is warmed up , seems fine when cold , checked for fault codes and said injector 4 was dodgy , this has been replaced but car still judders , if I accelerate when juddering it's fine , just seems to do it under very light throttle , any ideas would be grateful cheers
  15. P0259 code

    Hi , I had no engine lights on , just thought I'd check for dtc on ford f super , Iv cleared codes n had none since , iv just ordered the lead n downloaded forscan, so will check again when it arrives , cheers