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  1. Warped discs ?!

    FFS! So many pulling me down over my post!!! OK please yourself guys maybe its all 'Burlshit' but I know it ain't.
  2. MOT emissions failure, need help!!

    Could be just the sensor that needs replacing ......Next time don't use Halfrauds as they are not there to help but to make money out of every sucker I've known some go to Halfrauds for their MOT and fail on a load of things and decide not to go back but instead go to an independent MOT station and all the failed parts were listed as only a minor advisories. Remember reading on a failure sheet from Halfrauds where the tester had written 'dangerous sharp bodywork' ...We couldn't work out what the so called dangerous sharp bodywork was on a 8 year old Micra....Turns out it was a loose rear mudflap with a metal clip showing! Just pushed the mudflap back on!! A joke.
  3. Painting brake calipers

    Humbrol spray Enamel works for me! Well for my Son actually as he did the work. Seems a bit much removing the whole callipers to repaint them. Front callipers are all lovely glossy silver. Rear drums are painted in satin black enamel.
  4. Warped discs ?!

    Oh! When I see folk at garages who jet wash the hell out of their wheels and the steam comes pouring out like a busted rad' They only have themselves to blame
  5. Warped discs ?!

    A few questions! When you brake and stop do you sit on the brake pedal whilst waiting ? If you do then stop doing this bad practice, the exposed section of the discs will cool gently but the clamped up section [pads] behind the disc will stay hot, eventually causing warping over time. How do you wash the car ? In a morning when the whole car is cold ? Straight after a drive ? Do you blast the wheels with cold water whilst the wheels are hot ? Allow the car to fully cool down and then wash the car when the whole car is cold and never straight after a drive, blasting ice cold water at the wheels will hit the exposed disc, cooling the disc down rapidly but the part hidden behind the callipers will be hot, this causes warping of the disc too. Common sence & prevention is better than trying to find a cure, I've known a few guys who've gone through a few warped discs, strangely on all their vehicle's they've owned and it was the common bad practices listed above which caused the problems. One guy had gone through 3 sets of discs & pads in 1 year, but he was the problem as he drove the car like he stole it and washed the car everyday and sometimes cleaned his BBS alloys twice a day! After listening to my advice he still uses the same discs & pads and that was 3 years ago now.
  6. MOT on New cars ?

    So the Government may plan to extend the MOT on new cars from 3 to 4 years ? Personally I'd say no https://www.petrolprices.com/government-mot-unsafe-cars/
  7. Sound Deadening I Highly Suggest it!

    It's a great idea! Went mad putting the stuff in the boot area and sure did quiten the road noise, not done anything with the doors as I'm sure I'll break something whilst trying to remove them
  8. Mk4 Escort 1.3 Popular Plus

    Get attacking the rusty arms!
  9. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    Just visit any ford dealership and enquire! They have a full run down of every part of the entire ford range right in front of you on a PC. Even if you don't have a part number they'll go through the exploded images of their replacement & spares with you.
  10. Mk4 Escort 1.3 Popular Plus

    She looks lovely mate. I bet a fair few passerby's see the car and turn and say ''Wow look at that lovely old escort''
  11. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    Our Fiesta was brand new at the time! Well three months old at the time to be exact, finding a secondhand spoiler was virtually impossible, even if one was spotted there was daft prices of around £250, didn't want some ***** secondhand part fitting on our car, we had the money, so asked a good friend who works at a dealership he got me a genuine spoiler and had it painted, got the spoiler for less than RRP or even trade price, but I had to fit it.....Happy days.
  12. St Spoiler On Mk7 Titanium

    If you buy the spoiler brand new from Ford you'll get a hose extension for the washer & a wire extension for the light in the box. Might be a good idea to enquire with a dealership and see if these can be purchased separately ? Don't bodge wiring!
  13. Tight expansion bottle cap

    Won't do any harm, years ago it was quit the norm to put a few drop of oil into the water which mixed with the water then clung to the metal moving parts within the engine.
  14. Tight expansion bottle cap

    If no one has seen the Youtube link I put up here it is again.
  15. Tight expansion bottle cap

    If you can get the old cap off without damaging it, then grease it up and re-fit it. If not buy a new cap. Personally I'd just buy a new rad cap, not like it's £50.