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  1. Aux in cable for MP3 player

    This is probably a daft question, but do they simply plug into the earphone part of the MP3 player then straight into the aux cable i.e. no mess with extra cables for anything?
  2. I now have new car with aux socket for plugging in MP3 player. Anyone recommend a good yet cheap one and where to get it?
  3. A few new Fiesta questions

    I think it will depend on their sales and perhaps they've over sold in the zetec s and under sold in others so to bring things back on a par or because the zetec s is now more rare due to the over sales they are not discounting so much. As you say tho it will change so if you can wait then that maybe is the best thing if you are set on the zetec s. Even in the poor shape of the car market they seem to still want to shift what they want to shift, but then again I suppose, especially in the current market they need to make sure they do shift all the types they have and not just one or two series. Good luck in your search.
  4. A few new Fiesta questions

    I,m not an aggressive negotiator or a tough barterer, but I got a Zetec and for about £2700 off the list price excl the blue tooth which was also included.
  5. New Buyer

    I guess I'm one of the very lucky ones. Having said that even just the week is killing me haha - especially with all the good comments I've read.
  6. New Buyer

    It is great to hear all the positivety - even finding this site has been a bonus - everyone is so friendly - we are a great bunch us Ford lot haha. One thing I have noticed to is that everyone is having to wait weeks or months yet I bought my Saturday and I get it Friday or worst case scenario Saturday. I never went for any "add ons" other than getting blue tooth/voice control, but even then does no one else by in stock cars?
  7. New Buyer

    Panic over it would seem. Thans for your positivety. Its just with such a major purchase it can be daunting no matter how many times you've done it before. I look forward to seeing the magenta on sunny days to compare with the gloomier ones - just hope the good weather keeps up to let me especially up here in Scotland haha. I knew what blue tooth and voice control did, I just wasn't sure if they were separate extras - at the garage we just talked about blue tooth and never really differentiated between the two and I thought maybe I wouldn't get the voice control. Not that either are a major concern - more a gimmic, but you want to get as much as you can (gimmic or otherwise) for your money.
  8. A few new Fiesta questions

    On the subject of questions, is the bluetooth and voice control 2 separate things? I thought they were one in the same with the USB being an extra?
  9. New Buyer

    I've just bought a new Fiesta 1.25 82 PS in hot magenta. Probably not the best, but got a deal I was happy with at the time - I'm not the best at bartering, but as usual now wondering was it the right thing. Its hot magenta and only 1.25. Is hot magenta crap looking is that why I got a deal? Or is it that 1.25 is not really that powerful? Any words of wisdom from those out there that have a 1.25 or hot magenta or both? Also how easy is the blue tooth and is the blue tooth and voice recognition all one in the same? It arrives Friday so trying to put mind at rest before then - sometimes the more you read though the worse it gets so I thought I'd put my own posting out there so that I can get replies to my specifics. Cheers.