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  1. fiesta ecoboost engine faliure

    It must be a massive coolant leak if it drains it in 5 minutes. And it goes thru the engine, thats were the smoke comes from. It has all the characteristics if a detective head gasket or cracked head. It is however unlikely that two engines in a row exibit the exact same symptoms like that. Did you reuse the turbo from engine 2 to 3? Being water cooled, and if its cracked somewhere, the coolant Will be fed directly thru the engine and fast at that. I suspect a faulty turbo.
  2. As far as i remember, this is the engine made by psa? If so, there has been heaps of problems with this engine, due to the drain plug of the Oil pan not actually being at the lowest point of the pan. Hence when changing Oil, the Real dirty debris filled Oil remains in the engine, at the exact spot where the Oil pump pickup Oil. In Denmark where i am from, car makers using this engine has gotten alot of complaints about broken turbo specifically, as the debris in the Oil clogs up the small filter located on the Oil feed pipe at the turbo, and then the turbo goes unlubricated and blows. Anyhow, some of the sparepart shop has made a new Oil pan, with a better located drain plug. This sounds like that problem, but more like the pump is clogged.