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  1. ""flapping" Noise When Braking

    Mine is also a flight and as you say, there is no strange odd or unusual feeling with my brakes at all. They feel fine. I may take it to my local mechanic to give it a once over. If he can pinpoint a problem i'll let you know.
  2. ""flapping" Noise When Braking

    Hello all, I wonder if someone can shed some light on this matter before I take it to my local mechanic. When I brake there appears to be some kind of flapping or rubbing type noise that gets slower as i'm slowing down. Its only just apppeared. I was told it might be my brake disc or pads so I bought and fitted some brand new ones but that has not solved the issue. My car is a P reg Ford Fiesta Flight. Has anyone ever encountered this issue? Thanks again
  3. '97 Reg Fiesta Heating Question

    Hi, thanks for your answers guys, no my car is not overheating at all.
  4. '97 Reg Fiesta Heating Question

    Hello All, My heating is currently not working in my car and with the winter fast approaching I would like tio get it sorted. Does anyone know what could cause it stop working? Thanks.
  5. Do I have a heating problem?

    Hi All, My P reg fiesta flight seems to only blow out cool air unless the car is actually moving. I was on my from Braintree to Hornchurch this morning and it was quite chily. I put my heating on and noticed that it was getting warm when i was on some dual carraigeways but when I came to a stop it went cool again. It is not constant. I have water in my tank, is there a problem here? Thanks.
  6. P Reg Fiesta Flight Paint Code

    Thats great, I have had this answer 3 times now and will go with this. Thanks a lot for your help. It's much appreciated. :)
  7. P Reg Fiesta Flight Paint Code

    Hiya, Thanks for your time and help. it's P173 NWC.
  8. P Reg Fiesta Flight Paint Code

    Hi All, I'm a new user here. I was unfortunately hit while i was sleeping and the person kindly left me their details and offered to pay a new door without going through the insurers. However I need to find out my paint code. All I know is that my car is metallic black but I need something more specific. How can I find this out? Thanks in advance.