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  1. Couple of questions

    things are more of a challenge to change as they try and squueze everything into small spaces to fit it all in. would be a challenge to do yourself. all other bulbs on car can be changed quite easy its just the front fogs that are a pain. if you got a local garage just pop and ask `em and slip `em £10 for doing them maybe speakers have blown on the doors or the cones are split. but you won`t know until you take a look at `em matey
  2. Couple of questions

    hi chris mine is the same radio and has the same problem, think it`s the speaker on the top of the dash that causes the vibrations the most, i just take no notice of it lol. as for the fog lights bit of a nightmare to do as you need it up on a ramp to make it easier to do as the wheel arch covers need to come off before you can get to the back of the fog lights the bulb you need is a H11. got my local garage to replace mine a few yrs ago (bulb pic below) Osram Front Fog Light Bulb (Nightbreaker Unlimited H11) is a bright white bulb around £14 a bulb
  3. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    how do you know the stuff your buying in the stores is real or fake. you don`t thats the joys of trusting the brand names and stores
  4. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    what grade oil does it say in your your ford owners book ? i didnt think dexos low ash stuff was for ford cars
  5. Correct oil for MK2.5 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine

    5w30 is what you need on offer at halfords at the mo but may be found even cheaper on ebay etc
  6. Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates

    oops it`s been a long day lol
  7. Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates

    this should do the job found this on another thread about sat-nav link from stoney871
  8. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    don`t bother with 4wheel alignment you won`t notice much diffrence if it is out. front tracking more important and keeping the tyre pressures correct too helps your tyres last that bit longer matey
  9. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    you will have no way of knowing how far to adjust it etc. tracking is not normal £50, go to a small local garage around £15 to £20
  10. Oil change frequency

    it would only come on when its due for the oil to be changed (and if it wasn`t reset after the last change of oil), if you have reset it now you`ll not see it warning you for the oil to be changed for at least 12months
  11. focus 2006 1.6 tdci missing a beat

    have you put a new fuel filter on when you got the car
  12. the puddle you get under the car after you have been running the air-con is the ice that has formed on the air-con pipes. never use recirculate for too long as it turns the air in the car stale 10mins at the most as it`s a quick way of cooling the car inside down in summer or warming it up in the winter
  13. Oil change frequency

    i always do mine every 6 months, won`t do any harm doing it twice a yr. the car warning that you have got about the oil change is i think you`ll find that the oil change reset had not been done when the last oil change was done, thats why it`s come up on dash warning you so soon
  14. Screws

    there is no thread to damage as there just plastic push in screws
  15. Engine under tray

    found a few on ebay for you to look at eBay item number:262729234231 eBay item number:192172508869 eBay item number:262868742323 (brand new this one is)