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  1. Auto locking

  2. Focus cuts out.

    evening. it could be air trapped in the fuel line as you have had the filter replaced
  3. Pollen filter

    the one in the link is the odour filter plus. normal filter is just white
  4. Pollen filter

    well done on your 1st attempt you`ll find it gets easier over the next few years as you`ll know what your doing now
  5. damp smell

    replace pollen filter in the car, and that will solve your smell problem
  6. damp smell

    do you use the air-con in the car ? if so your pollen filter may need replaceing
  7. take the air-filter houseing off tomorrow only 4 screws holding it down and have a quick look at the air-filter you`ll soon see if it`s clean or dirty best speed to do is around 55mph. have you tried putting a bottle of fuel cleaner into a full tank af fuel (wynns, redex etc)
  8. hi shaun i do the same type of driveing as you 10 mins down country lanes and 10mins on the motorway each morn and afternoon i get 55.8mpg . why not try resetting the stored settings and give it 2 weeks and see what you get now your the new driver. your car hasn`t been serviced since last may. so start by looking at the air filter to see what state thats in (you never know they may not have changed it at last service). get the oil and oil filter replaced, and the important fuel filter (£23 and 15 mins to replace if you know a good indy garage)
  9. Pollen filter

    active has charcoal added to it so works even better . standard is just white thin and more flexi to squeeze in and out when replaceing. hope you followed the air flow arrow on the filter when you replaced yours matey so you put it in the correct way
  10. Which air filter for focus mk2?

    no probs elvis happy to help when ever possible ;-)
  11. Which air filter for focus mk2?

    i`m sure it the big round one for your car, but to make sure undo the airfilter houseing and take a quick look as i`m sure they changed for the long flat filters to the round one in 2007
  12. Pollen filter

    take a quick look one the eurocar parts site. it will list a few always go for the active carbon one. it costs a few pounds more than the standard filter. standard
  13. Tyre time.

    lets hope they don`t tell you that you need new pads and discs once they get your tyres off lol
  14. Sync display issue

    think you`ll find it will change to red when it gets to -1 and below. between 0 and 5 it stays orange
  15. Bosch S4 battery

    no problem then, nice little 15 min fitting job for you in the morn then