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  1. Where is your dash cam located.

    Nextbase 412gw right behind the mirror passenger side, but can just see the emergency lock button. Wired up to the roof trim, down the passenger door seal and into the fuse box
  2. Stereo software

    What stereo / version software is in the 2012 fiesta edge (pre face-lift) It has USB, line in and cd radio. But what annoys me is that it doesn't show cd track names, but my gfs older vauxhall corsa cd30 does. I don't want to chandelier the stereo, but just wondered if there was a fix? Stereo looks like the attached pic
  3. Lifting Floor Tiles Adhesive

    The easiest option if you've got a couple of spare mm on the floor height would be to put down a self levelling compound and then you can re tile or use whatever covering on top of that. Much less labour intensive and will give a good level finish
  4. Energy Supplier (Gas and elec)

    I was with utility warehouse first year was £78 per month, but we had no figures as it was our first property. This crept up to 95pm this year. Used uswitch and now with Sainsbury's energy for 75pm and they did all of the switch work for us. Nice and easy
  5. dashcam/cigerette plug

    Buy the nextbase hardwire kit. It's really easy to do and it's to a fuse that only turns on with the ignition (reverse light I think I used)
  6. Soaking wet boot floor

    I've seen this on here before . if I remember correctly it Was either lights or the boot seal itself
  7. Front right wheel noise

    Yeah I thought as much pal. Hoping it is just something slightly lodged maybe. Will update later
  8. Front right wheel noise

    When Driving I can hear a clicking type noise, as if something is stuck in the tyre for instance. It's at the at speed as the wheel goes. Have checked the tyre and seems clear. Will take it off and check it later but wondered if anyone might know what it could be and would it be a quick fix?
  9. Trip Computer Problems...

    Yeah the tank range will give higher estimates when you drive in a good manner. It uses the average mpg option on the trip computer which I've turned into a one man game on long trips. I want to see how high I can get it 😊
  10. 501 bulbs for footwell

    Yup those ones are just fine. Use them in mine
  11. Rip Off

    When my fiesta went into Bristol Street Ford for the glow plug recall they gave me a list of things which were apparently needing doing ASAP. Car was Mot'd a month later with no advisorys at all, and the garage even told me everything would be good for another year at least. I think sometimes it's just a scare tactic to get you paying for the service.
  12. Interior/boot bulbs

    Hi. There's a full bulb list thread in the Fiesta section I believe it's the 501
  13. Best Bulbs/Light Setup

    Osram cool blue main/dipped/sidelights and cree led reverse (which I've just noticed as I was reversing from a friends drive, how bright they really are) I am to do rear brake and indicators next I think
  14. Fiesta mk7 2011 reverse cree led bulbs

    Better late than never. Didn't realise how bright they are
  15. Android question on a few stuff.

    Tv catchup works well and is all freeview channels