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  1. A workshop manual is better. Here's the link to one on this forum................
  2. Hi and welcome. Rangers from the w reg era tend to have Mazda colours. There was a collaboration between ford and Mazda around then for a few years. Try a Mazda dealer and try 19H for the blue and 18G for the silver. I'm doing this frpm memory so I could be wildly out. It's worth a try. BTW externally that's a good looking truck.
  3. Nice, looks like mine, only cleaner. and a different colour, I think. What type of tyres in the second pic? I'm thinking of putting General Grabber AT2s on mine...rear tyres are almost slicks! BW pickup
  4. Hi Macboatmaster, I've a Ranger XLT Thunder needing some work and would like a copy of the Manual. How do I get in touch? pickup