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  1. Happy Birthday ruben!

  2. Curtain Airbag

    It is standard at least in Norway and Sweden from base model. Ford told me to take the car to a dealership imidietly for inspection. Unfortunately, I have no ford dealer close by :-( If anyone opted for curtain airbags, pls help...
  3. Curtain Airbag

    Does anyone know how to detect if my fiesta has curtain airbags? There is no "airbag" emblem eighter on the B- or C pilar. I also have a grab handle on the passenger side - which most last generation fiestas don't have, but i have seen it on other models with individual interior though. Etis says: Less Air Curtain Restraint. The strange thin is that curtain airbags is standard - even from the basic model on the Swedish market where it was bought. Does your fiesta have airbag emblem on the b or c pilar? Thanx for all help! (-:
  4. Another Newbie

    I love the rims =) Is it 17"" or 18"?
  5. Keyless Entry and Start

    Do you have to press and HOLD the start button until the car starts? Isent it normal that you just have to give it a light push and the car starts by it self?
  6. Hey, Has anyone successfully tested ford mobile navigation with a nokia N97 on the 2009 Fiesta? Its not yet listed on, but it still might work. Hope anyone can help me before I purchase a N97 =) Cheers, Ruben