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  1. New to the club

    The Garage relieved me of £95 for the repair. Cheers Tony
  2. New to the club

    Well lads that water flows pretty fast under that bridge...No worries Del. Cheers Tony
  3. New to the club

    I was hoping to join a club regarding our Ka, but the response I have received introducing myself chuffing sucks...I am sure the majority on here are more than welcoming however I don't deal with Numptys...Enjoy your day fella...Giving this club a swerve.
  4. New to the club

    Hi all, I'm new to the club so I thought I had better introduce myself...I have an 03 Ka Luxury that my good lady mainly uses, in fact it's 6 years old tomorrow and she is currently off the road for one day as she failed her MOT due to a deteriorated front lower arm however she'll be fixed up again and back on the road on Monday, 22000 miles in Panther Black...Also have an MG ZT-T 160 in BRG as the main family car (1.8 T). Cheers Tony