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  1. Re-call

    Mine was also built in June 2009 ,the ones they fitted are the same as whats in the photos. Chris
  2. Re-call

    Mine is a 4 door it may only apply to the 4 door but am not sure
  3. Re-call

    They said it is prevent ston chips,they fit at the bottom of the back arch and wrap rond on to the sill. sory no pics
  4. Re-call

    Been down to my local Ford garage this morning will a problem with the clutch,but the fault didnt show.They then mention there is a re-call,and fitted plastic strips on the back wheel arch.Any one else had this done?
  5. Clutch squeal?

    Mine too makes a squealing noise when the engine is cold,and it is not the pedal.It lasts only lasts a few seconds but it may do it a couple of times.Seems to do it when the cluch is fully depress,but am not sure if this is the only time,I am trying to monitor it so if I take it back Iwill have more to go on.With it been only when cold and intermittant it will be hard to find
  6. Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    I had mudflaps fitted since new on my 5 door ,had a look nothing there at all

    Hi everyone, i've just picked up my brand new Fiesta titanium, after a long 7-week wait! Its the first Ford i've owned and i must say i am well impressed with the drive especially the handling, look forward to being a forum member!
  8. space saver wheel

    HI i was able to get a spare wheel from E-BAY, 14-inch off a mk6, i have compared the wheel nut spacings on my mk7 and they are exactly the same. So i think if you get any wheel off a mk6 it will be ok as a spare. hopes this helps!